Tuesday, October 15, 2019


I had to take a pic using my cell phone.  I cannot print the x-ray.  The hospital gave me a copy for my VA doctor so he can understand what is happening.  

You are looking at a tube which goes into the ventricles.  It then goes south into the shunt.  In the middle of the shunt you see a white circle.  That is the valve.  Using a device you can open and close the valve.  My doctor has been unable to get this valve properly set.  In about 4 weeks we went from a small opening of 200, to 160, to today 120.  

For reasons neither he nor the manufacturer know why my doctor cannot verify the setting.  But a specialized x-ray after the reset allows the surgeon to see the value and based on what he is seeing and a card he has tells him how the valve is set.  He saw the x-ray.  If it showed a setting of 120 then he knows the reset worked.

So now I wait 2 weeks to see what happens.  It  takes 2 weeks for the drainage level to reach the maximum drainage and the fluid level to level out.


This is all very new.  In fact neurosurgeons are just starting to even acknowledge latent congenital hydrocephalus which leads to many problems including hypothalamic dysfunction.  There are still doctors who believe hypothalamic dysfunction is a myth.  The NIH clinical notes now have two patient write ups which show how the hypothalamus restores itself and patients lose weight, restore their internal clock, metabolism, and increase testosterone.

I write so people can find my story and maybe learn something.  There are a lot of men with this problem.  It is 100% curable.  The problem is a lack of knowledge by the medical community.  We know for certainty when 40 cc of fluid are drained from the ventricles my vision nearly restores itself 100%.  We know that my testosterone on a double dosage of androgel went from the high 300's to the high 600's.  The  NIH patient studies also verify my experience.  

My goal is simply to educate.

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