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Well today's post got people talking.  I will post all of Phil Cowen's response.  He is correct the road in front of Lopez HS is a county road and the county should be responsible for the sidewalks.  Castro feeling the pressure from his fellow Trustees lets the answer slide.  But as you will see below how Castro's followers responded to Cowen's post.


Residents all of the time build sidewalks in front of their homes on city streets.  Other than a lack of will on the part of BISD, BISD decided to just blow off the issue and do nothing.  There was plenty of money for everything Joe Rodriguez wanted and Phil Cowen voted to give him in nearly every vote, but not for sidewalks to meet ADA compliance. It appears now because of Castro embarrassing BISD someone will finally put pressure on the county to build the sidewalks.  


"Erica Stacey Garcia So basically Erasmo lied and made it an issue to get himself out of trouble?"

  • Priscilla Castillo So then in the 15 years since, you're saying nary a person has put any sort of pressure on the county? All of those people named sat on their thumbs and decided not to ask, pressure, request, email, smoke signal those responsible for the sidewalks? Or did they? And if they did, who actually did? Why has it taken 15 years or so?
    • Philip T Cowen The problem now is to do something. That is why I wrote this. I dont wantcanother student's lifecto be CV put in jeopardy again. Bsrking a our BISD lack of action is misplaced. Every adminstration and every principal has work on this. Now let's do it. That's all. I'll walk with all of you soon on those sidewalks soon. Along with iur children.
    • Priscilla Castillo I understand what you are saying and appreciate the fact that there is or will be movement towards new changes. Thank you. However, is it not frustrating you or disappointing you that this issue has been treading water for more than a decade? It can easily become an issue of hindsight, granted, but the fact is, if the sidewalks were there already there wouldn't be sidewalk/streetlight issues now. My hope is that the new board will see any issue and press for it to be addressed and do so firmly and fairly. I 100% believe in BISD. I will always do so. Fight for these kids. They all deserve it. Thank you for doing so.

So what we see in this exchange is now that Phil Cowen is tied to the problem all of a sudden the problem needs to be addressed.  Even if you put the responsibility of the sidewalks on the county, why did it take this morning's post for Phil Cowen to blame Sofie Benavides.?

Yes if we are to believe Phil Cowen it is Sofie Benavides who has dropped the ball on this one.



The County has failed to build sidewalks for Lopez High School.
Dr. Prisci Tipton asked me via text if I voted against building sidewalks at Lopez High School. She said a lot of people were saying that. Those people were responding to a post by Mr. Erasmo Castro last Saturday which implied that the BISD board has done nothing to put sidewalks at Lopez. These people and Mr. Castro are misinformed. Building sidewalks on streets is not a school function, so i could never have had a chance to vote on it, ever. I told Dr. Tipton I would respond via Facebook; I appreciate the question because it gives me the opportunity to point out who is responsible. Namely, the county. I do that now.
School systems don't build streets and sidewalks in neighborhoods which go with the street because they can't do so legally. That is a city or county function; in this case it's a county function. Years ago, BISD saw that the Lopez area needed schools. We met the need by building Aiken, Besteiro and Lopez schools. Building the schools was our part. We spent $40 million doing it. The county did not match with a small thing like sidewalks or even some street lamps and lights.
In the case of Lopez, when it was being built, the construction department at BISD asked then Commissioner Lucino Rosenbaum to build sidewalks there. Not even a caliche shoulder was built for 15 years, much less sidewalks. Commissioner Pete Benavides did nothing, and the current commissioner has not done anything yet. From Tony Garza to Gilbert Hinojosa to Carlos Cascos to Eddie Trevino, no one has helped. John Wood and Alex Dominguez didn't reach across the aisle to help the matter. The fact is that the county has done nothing to put sidewalks at Lopez and by Idea Frontier and by the surrounding schools and their neighborhoods.
School systems aren't allowed to give gratuities. Its against the law. BISD CAN'T LEGALLY BUILD SIDEWAKS IN NEIGHBORHOODS. The country has the duty to do that, but hasn't.
Last week a young Lopez student was hit a few blocks from Lopez, but not in front of Lopez. If he had been in front of Lopez, he at least could have walked on the caliche shoulder which the county finally added to the street. Four or five blocks away there was no place but the street for him to walk.
Instead of trying to cast blame where it doesn't belong, I suggest people get a hold of Commioners Lopez and Benavides and County Judge Trevino and insist the county put in sidewalks in the rural neighborhoods which surround Lopez High School.
Maybe the county wants to invest in facilities at the Island or Space X. Before it does, please remember the families living around Lopez High School and the other schools in the area. They count too. No commissioner's court has ever voted to build sidewalks in the Lopez neigborhood. Now is the time for the Commissioner 's court to put it on the agenda and either vote yes or no.
The county needs to accept its responsibility to provide a safe living environment for all its children and families. Do it. It's the right thing to do. For Heaven's ske, take care of these children before another accident happens."
So Castro gets caught lying about taking credit for identifying this problem parents have been complaining about for 15 years.  The only reason BISD has not built sidewalks is they put the responsibility on the county (Sofie Benavides district).  The county would not have prevented BISD  from putting in the sidewalks.  But now that it is front and center and blame is going around (Castro does get credit for this one even though he lied to get us to this point), something may get done.  But it took embarassing Phil Cowen to give the issue attention.
So while there is no doubt BISD dropped the ball for 15 years, Phil Cowen puts the blame of County Commissioner Sofie Benavides who oversees the area.  You cannot make this shit up.

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