Tuesday, October 1, 2019


The removal action has a provision that the judge must sign an order authorizing the citation.  This is only done after the plaintiff requests same.  The request should not have happened until after the objection to judge Flores.  Once the request was made, the right to object to Flores was lost.

It is not clear to me who represents Castro.  The way the lawsuit is styled one could conclude he is in part being sued in his official capacity.  It is possible tonight the Board will be voting on whether or not to hire him counsel.  I have no idea.

The law does allow Judge Flores to immediately remove Castro with specific findings which do not stay the order pending appeal.  Translation - there is a lot of room for mistakes.

Further compounding the matter is, if he is removed and the Board's replacement can be tied in anyway to those seeking to remove Castro the replacement can be held accountable for Castro's removal.  This is Brownsville.  You can bet the farm the process is already corrupted and will be corrupted until the end.

Castro has the upper hand.

The plaintiffs should have objected to the visiting judges in both cases, and ask for one judge to hear both cases.  That ship has sailed and chaos in the process will make this a circus.

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