Thursday, October 17, 2019


All over the state district attorneys are no long prosecuting simple possession cases.  People do not know this.  When hemp was legalized the state defined pot by THC levels.  People can smoke hemp for legal medicinal purposes.  The fact you have a joint does not prove it is pot.

DPS is not suppose to be arresting people for simple possession.  Sheriffs all over the state have asked that they simply issue a citation and send the person on their way.  DPS will not play along and keep on arresting people needlessly.

If the state does not test the joint all they have is circumstantial evidence.  A good defense attorney puts on evidence for the use of legal hemp for medicinal purposes.  You now have reasonable doubt.  the police officer cannot say with certainty it pot v. hemp.

This is why the cases are not being prosecuted.  A mediocre attorney can get to reasonable doubt, unless the joint has been tested.

LOOK - while I believe it is time to decriminalize marijuana, I also believe in strong education as to its dangers.  In Colorado I know of lives which have been destroyed.  It is legal.  But some people are using it and its derivatives in dangerous ways.  They reach the point they get no benefit and then do more and more with no benefit.

So yes, it is time to decriminalize it, but it is also time to educate people that other than a once in a while recreational use it is dangerous.


While a court ruling effectively legalized marijuana, a vote any day will make it formal.  There will be no need for drug cartels for the growing of marijuana.  This is going to make it just that much easier to get it into Texas.  Prosecuting simple possession cases is a complete and total waste of limited resources.

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