Sunday, October 13, 2019


Real simple people, if in an ad you have to go dishonest with misleading and deceptive information what does that tell us about your integrity?  It is certainly not what we need in law enforcement.

First of all most of the increase in the county budget comes from the natural process of increased property values - hence more taxes.  The county has nothing to do with this.  Property values are the product of appraisers at the Cameron County Appraisal District.

Two the use of the "I do not know" out-take is desperate.  We have no idea what the real question was.

This is a level of dishonesty which makes me ask, what happened the last time we voted sheriff Lucio out of office based on a slick campaign?  We elected a drug dealer.  Knowing Eric Garza is unethical, simply based on this ad should be enough to turn you away from him as a viable candidate.

This tells you all you need to know about Eric Garza's character and trustworthiness.

It appears McHale is either lobbying sheriff Lucio for an ad or has secured the ad.  If Jerry had any journalist skills, from his bar stool downtown he would learn enough about Eric Garza and some of the people he hangs with to destroy him.

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