Friday, October 4, 2019


Corporatism, while still a fluid term, is basically the merging of government with corporate interests over law and the people.  It is very anti-capitalism and free enterprise.

While we are distracted with the march towards corporatism in the U.S. we are not looking at the worldwide movement.

Today in Peru the military stands with a deposed president who claims to be trying to end the corporatism movement.  His cause is aided by the fact the opposition is headed by the daughter of a former president who was a proud corrupt corporatist who sits in prison.  4 subsequent presidents have all been charged with the same crime of accepting money from foreign corporations in exchange for favorable policies.  One is waiting extradition from the U.S., one committed suicide, and the last resigned to allow the current president to take office.  At this moment no one knows who is in charge of Peru.  The President dissolved the legislature and called for early elections, and then they in turn voted to remove the president.  The military is standing with the president.

In Ecuador, a left leaning country, removed gas subsidies and riots broke out.  The country has loans due and they need the money.  Ecuador is of particular importance to the  U.S. because of the large number of U.S. ex patriots who live in Ecuador.  It has become very popular for retirement based on a variety of variables.

Brazil is ready to explode while its neighbor Venezuela is all but in collapse.

The U.S. cannot handle this much upheaval in this many major South American countries.

If the battle against corporatism prevails, you can bet it will be seen as a spring board for even greater resistance in the U.S.  This is something worth watching.

Also if you think corporatism is only a Republican thing you are wrong.  Democrats are lined up for their cut.  People are so  distracted with Trump, they are not seeing how the democrats are doing the same thing.

As someone on the extreme left there is no doubt in my mind Biden's son got that job he was not qualified to take because aid to the Ukraine was in Vice President Biden's hands. 

It is about appearance.  You can assume Biden never would have held up aid, but that does not eliminate in the eyes of the Ukrainians the appearance Joe Biden's son getting the job was tied to the aid.

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