Saturday, October 12, 2019


On Tuesday the COB will give a proclamation in support of Nolan Navaro, a Brownsville model who identifies with the pronoun "they", who seems to be making it in NY.  This is a major message in support of the full human spectrum.  I also like that Nolan sees himself as someone other young people in Brownsville can go to for mentoring.  This is a well deserved Proclamation.

Nolan Navarro (Commissioners J. Tetreau/J. Munguia)

On this issue my hats off to the COB and commissioners Tetreau and Munguia.  I see Nolan as a great ambassador of acceptance who shows the best side of Brownsville. 

Click for a great article on Nolan There are many more.


Two parents contacted me telling me their children felt like BISD was being hostile to them by holding a fundraiser at Chick fil a.  On Tuesday the Supreme Court heard the case on work place discrimination against the LBGQT etc community.  12 Amici Briefs were filed in support of discrimination.  The owners of Chick fil a helped to pay for these briefs. 

I am a strong supporter of these extracurricular activities because they keep young adults engaged in high school who may otherwise not be engaged in high school and enjoying the full experience.  But LGBQT etc students sense a feeling of hostility when they are told to be part of the experience they must spend their money at a company which opposes their equality.

Students at Rivera HS felt like it was a personal attack on them that the fundraiser was done at Chick fil a.  I adviced two parents on how to file complaints against BISD for creating a hostile environment for their children.

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