Monday, October 28, 2019


Anonymous said...

You do know that the killings of the football watching Asians was in Fresno, California and not Los Fresnos as in your headline.

Anonymous said...


December 12, 2019.

Where certain employees and/or departments may not have acted in the manner you expected or as swiftly as you wanted; administration has not failed the entire city.

In your article, you made mention of "facts" regarding "state policy" when stopped by a law enforcement officer while operating a motor vehicle.

As a retired police officer, I have never known of a state policy that commands a driver or a law enforcement officer to do what you have stated to be facts.

If you had an issue with a police officer and you feel you were wronged, file a complaint on that specific officer. Until then, one cannot assume that a police chief has failed or that a department lacks direction.

Anonymous said...

In regards to your statement as to the mortality rate of the virus in S. Korea -- I'm no math whiz but I think you put the decimal point in the wrong place and the rate is actually significantly higher at .668% but still a much more comforting number then 3%.

Anonymous said...

You are minimizing a very dangerous situation. Right now the corona virus mortality rate is thought to be somewhere between 2% and 4% (granted, it may be lower due to unreported infections but I'm going with what we got). It is established that this virus is very infectious, more then a cold, more then the flu. Check your neighborhood, how many people live on W. Cowan Terrrace and it's side streets? I guess there are between 50 and sixty houses and lets assign a conservative 3 resident per house. that's between 150 and 180 people. Lets say a conservative 50% of them catch the virus, that's between 75 and 80 people. Someone on your street is going to die, maybe more then one person. Extrapolate across the city and it is going to be terrible. Granted, some people are higher risk then others but I suspect that those people are pretty evenly distributed throughout our community and do not skew the math.
You refer to panic but I'm not sure who you mean. Do you mean the countries, states and institutions that have taken steps to limit exposure by closing down of limiting travel? Do you mean the market crash and sell-offs? Are do you mean the guy rushing to Walmart to buy toliet paper and sanitizing gel? Is it your contention that closing schools and canceling activities that bring people together is a bad thing? I say I can put up with it for a few weeks or months if it will help save my neighbors and me from a possibly fatal infection. Good for them for having the guts to act. Sure, this restriction from workplaces results in a loss of production and fewer durable goods being available simply because they may not be getting made and because those that are made aren't getting shipped because of port closures and restrictions on ships and planes from certain areas. Result; falling stock prices. So what, you don't loose a penny until you sell and they will recover soon enough. The market crash is a natural spin-off to efforts to protect us, a natural reaction to caring more about people then about money. Good for them. Is the panic you speak of the Walmart guy? He just wants to do something to protect himself and his family. It may or not be effective but so what? It is not doing any real harm that I can see. If it makes him feel better then good for him, go for it.
The guy I worry about is the guy that does not take it seriously. The fool who doesn't limit travel or restrict his social contacts. The guy who doesn't think it will happen to him or who gets a mild case and judges every case by his own experiences and carries on his life with no precautions. That is the guy who will kill his neighbors.
If we all treat this pandemic seriously and recognize the potential harm, if we all show it respect many more of us will be safer.