Sunday, October 6, 2019


The real tragedy is BISD does have good programs, including job training.  Their failure is in special needs, and the Board of Trustees.  This Board such as previous Boards have kept the school district in endless drama.  They are all equally to blame.

To be clear it is the inept leadership of current and past Boards which have allowed the administration to take pictures of children and post them on BISD's social media.  

The current and past Board live in a microcosm of their own cubbyhole world.  They seem to be unaware there is a dark web where even innocent pictures of children are traded and photo shopped by child molesters.  

BISD needs to end immediately the taking of pictures of its students by any BISD official and the posting of same on BISD's web page unless they have the written consent of the parents.  

What is happening at BISD is happening all over the U.S. and in fact the world.  We are lost.  There is no leadership anywhere.  There was a time our leaders could unite us.  Today they thrive on their lies and deception to keep us divided and to distract from their own wrongdoing.


Anonymous said...

Its takes balls to make decisions. BISD instead has a ton of commitees with no leadership. Compadre system.

BobbyWC said...

I have never posted a picture of a child without the parent's consent. Alfter a dark web article I read it has been maybe more than a year since I posted a picture of a child even with consent. So take your lies and post them elsewhere.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

BISD open themselves to so many vulnerabilities because they don't want to pay for a decent web hosting company. They rely too much on freeware which in reality is not free, they don't even have websites, everything is weebly and social media, with the budget they have and the money they get from the feds for technology, they can easily pay for an intranet.