Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Last night the Board instituted a policy barring Board Members from blocking citizens to see their social media.  I remain blocked, but look at it anyway through a friend's page.

The Board banned the taking of pictures of children and posting them on FB.  This is only one hour old as posted on Castro's page.

"Erasmo Castro — with Erasmo Castro.
1 hr
5th grade students in Mr. Padron's class at Hudson Elementary researched universities, colleges and careers as part of a University Dream Board project. Students became experts in their university and career and presented to their classmates through a gallery walk."
I have saved the pic, but will not use it without the parents' permission.

UPDATE:  One person is telling me the picture of the  children is a share.  If all it takes is for Castro to post pictures of BISD children is to have his lemming share their posts to his FB page, then there is no policy.  The Board needs an emergency meeting to address this issue and to hear the parents grievance.  

The new policy has 4 stages of reprimand for violating the new Trustee rules, the last of which provides for removal.
Also new is Trustees unless going to the school only as a parent of a child attending the school, must get clearance before going to any facility except the main administration building.  Further with the exception of the main administration building, when a Trustee is given access to any BISD facility they must be escorted at all time.
If the BISD Board fails to call an immediate meeting to remove Castro over this morning's post of children, then last night was all a joke.

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