Monday, October 7, 2019


The following quote from Associate Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch is telling on this issue.

“Why is it that cases in our civil justice system today drag on for so long, and the fees pile up so high, that many people cannot afford to bring good claims to court and others are forced to settle bad ones?” wrote Gorsuch in the book’s introduction."


Justice Gorsuch is pushing the long Supreme Court history of making it a First Amendment Right for anyone to advise anyone else on legal matters so long as they are not charging for the services.  Several states are now working on allowing for paralegals or lay people to charge for services.

I seriously question the Access to Justice commitment of any judicial candidate who would have a fundraiser wherein only the elite can afford to attend.  

Justice Gorsuch deals with this in his book.  Cases are working their way up to the Supreme Court to deal with this issue.   District Court Judge David Sanchez has overruled the Supreme Court authority on this issue and it is now in federal court.

People love to say I switch sides.  Never.  People want you to commit to people not ideals.  I am committed to ideals.  This is how I can say I oppose County Judge Eddie TreviƱo on a host of issues, but praise him for how he handled public comment at the last meeting.

Because I am concerned all of the judicial candidates are not committed to Access to Justice, I do not plan on voting in any of the judicial races.  It is really that simple. But I did find Adobbati's fundraiser a slap in the face to Access to Justice. 


In the morning I will ask my surgeon to bring me back to SA.  I no longer sleep and remain in a daze.  No medication is working at any level and my head is killing me.  I just stay in an endless daze.


Anonymous said...

Campaigns cost money and Adobbati is raising money. At least if you go to this, you will see who is contributing to get those embanadas. You can always look at his treasurer's to see who is seeking access to the judge....this event is just a fund raiser. I am sure there will be other events for people to get to know Adobbati. Your comments clearly mean that you don't or will not support this man. Your comments are pithy.

BobbyWC said...

You clearly know nothing about me.