Wednesday, October 16, 2019


I am confident that the new Director of Public works will get things fixed, but for now the same old incompetence continues.  He cannot do it overnight

You are looking at the entrance to Cowan Terrace West from Boca Chica.  The potholes were deep.  Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa's parents were driving around these potholes daily because she does not even care to take action to fix potholes in her own neighborhood.

On Sunday I saw a car stop short on Boca Chica turning onto Cowan Terrace because of the size of the potholes.  I have lost count how many times I have called this in. 

This time I called it in on Monday morning while heading out to San Antonio.  I told them how I saw a car stop short on Boca Chica to avoid the potholes and that it had become dangerous.

Last night when I got in from San Antonio this is what I saw.  You can see how cars are already making indentations in the repairs.  One big rain and we are back to square one.


Jessica will not even fight to fix problems in her own neighborhood.  If you think I am asking for special consideration you are wrong.  The street in front of my neighbor's home collapsed about 5 months ago.  The city markings for the size of the repair have been there for months.  The hole gets bigger and no one from the city is going to address the problem.  It is futile.  A pothole is one thing, a collapsed street is another.  I have not called the city to determine why they abandoned the project.

When this happened in front of my house the first repair failed the day the garbage truck showed up.  They redid it and had to dump cement in the base of the very large new opening to stabilize the ground so another repair would not collapse again when a truck drove over it.

The second lesson is, the city will continue to waste a fortune on quick fixes which these pictures show did not last a day.

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