Thursday, September 12, 2019


Effective June 1, 2019, veterans were to have more choices especially in emergency care. Although I read this article the other day, Cesar Deleon sent it to me today.  

I will tell you I am in collections for a $5,000 bill issued by an ER doctor at Valley Baptist.  I have filed an Inspector General complaint against the doctor and Valley Baptist that I had never seen the doctor and had no idea who he is.  But before the complaint the VA refused to pay the bill.

The VA uses what is known as secure messages as a form of emails.  I have my secure messages saying it was a waste of time for me to go to Valley Baptist for a possible torn retina and non-pressure glaucoma.  I was told in writing to get to the ER instead of my doctor simply authorizing an emergency voucher for the specialist.  Valley Baptist refused treatment saying they only give referrals for eye injuries or send the patients to McAllen.  


"WASHINGTON — The Department of Veterans Affairs must reimburse veterans for emergency medical care at non-VA facilities, a federal appeals court ruled Monday — a decision that could be worth billions of dollars to veterans.
The U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims said the VA has been wrongfully denying reimbursement to veterans who sought emergency medical care at non-VA facilities, and struck down an internal VA regulation that blocked those payments.
"All of this is unacceptable," said the ruling, which ordered the VA secretary to "readjudicate these reimbursement claims."
I know for a fact it will take up to 7 years to clean up this mess.  I cannot sue the doctor for his fraudulent billing because the Republicans passed a law which says I must pay a doctor familiar with medical billing that it violates medical standards to bill a patient he never saw.  That affidavit will cost $5,000.  This is what happens when you turn Texas over to Republicans.  This is why doctors are coercing people to pay fraudulent bills because they know the patients do not have the money to fight.  You pay or have the collection on your credit report for 7 years.  It is an extortion scheme supported by the Republicans.


As veterans we were to be given the choice of using free standing emergency rooms instead of hospitals and or be allowed to choose which hospital we wanted to go to.  I will not go to Valley Baptist where you go to die. 

I checked with our local VA and they were clear they will not comply with the new law and if veterans do not go to Valley Baptist they will not pay, and even then there is no guarantee they will pay.

I know the system..  The VA Harlingen will just continue to not pay forcing veterans to find lawyers to sue.  Congressman Vela stands with the VA Harlingen against the veterans.


Anonymous said...

Vela is in Mexico protecting and making sure all the Illegal Mexicans get medical, lodging, education and food for free. Filemon Vela and Vicente Gonzales do nothing for the UNITED STATES Veterans of Cameron, Hidalgo county, but use it as a decoy. Luring in the united state monies meant for the Veterans and using for their deep pockets.

BobbyWC said...

I agree with your assessment of both men but money meant for veterans do not go to undocumented workers.

Neither cares about veterans.

I will never forget Vela's email that he agreed with the VA I had to transport my brother from far East Texas to Harlingen for a physical when the law mandated the VA send the doctor to the nursing home or he be taken to the VA clinic 20 minutes away.

My brother is retired Army. He did two tours in Vietnam and the VA denies him all care even though he is service connected for Agent Orange. There is no money to bring him to Harlingen for care. Plus that kind of trip is dangerous considering his health.

Bobby WC