Sunday, September 15, 2019


"The United Auto Workers announced that a nationwide strike will begin just before midnight on Sunday. The move comes after failing to agree to a new contract with General Motors over wages, health care and profit-sharing."

I like this NPR article because it lays out the argument of both sides.

""The company and the union look at the very same set of economic fundamentals and see the same writing on the wall and have different motivations," Dziczek said.
"The company looks at that and says, 'Well, if we hit a downturn, we want to be able to have contingent compensation, so we don't get locked into paying higher costs if the market softens.' That same set of economic facts drives the union to want more guaranteed and certain compensation: base wage increases," she said."
There will always be a concern for a downturn.  But when you have record profits you share those profits with the workers.  GM executives have no salary without the workers and it is time someone tells them that.

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