Monday, September 16, 2019


Saudi Arabia lost half of production from an attack by Iran's allies.  The intelligence serves are so  lost they cannot determine where the attack originated from.  Trump can say "lock and loaded' a million times and still have no military option.  The attack on Saudia Arabia was an attack on the world economy.  An attack on Iranian fields will be an attack on the world economy.  Trump is 100% impotent on the issue.  If he is dumb enough to launch an attack on Iran it will send the world economy tumbling.

Kim of North Korea got an international audience with Trump using his ego against him.  What did Trump get for giving Kim an international audience?  Kim expanding his nuclear options.

The Taliban convinced Trump over the objection of the Afghan government to hold a meeting at Camp David.  Then they killed an American soldier on the even of 9/11, and the meeting.  Trump is powerless to act.

Impotent men can become desperate.

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