Monday, September 2, 2019


The troll as he must has admitted he has had to pick up for Mike Hernandez issues wherein Montoya has conflicts in loyalty.  It is no secret any more Castro fed the troll false information about the TSC/BISD MOU.

I can say with 100% certainly BISD knows Castro is now persona non grata with the city and TSC.  Neither want anything to do with him, save maybe Jessica Tetreau.

Side note, the troll makes a big deal about what Castro is doing for BISD.  Say what?, what has he done other than take a lot of selfies?

What he has done is tell the children that when you mess up and break the law, just tell people you were detained, and not arrested and had to bond out.  He has told the children they do not have to take responsibility for their actions.

Yes of course the troll and Mike Hernandez find this to be the better course of action in the best interests of  the kids.

The troll claims he regrets getting involved in Mike's business but then stands by his fake news.

The BV went out of its way to cite two examples of how DWI's can be dismissed, and that Castro is innocent until proven guilty.  Onlt the BV gave him that benefit of the doubt.  But the troll lies, because that is what Mike Hernandez wants.  Gavito has a big mouth troll. 

But this is how the troll spins my clear admonishment Castro remains innocent.

"The critics were out early today, the most vocal seemingly aboard some fattened, discount Blimp circling the city, up there to launch their silly and useless shots at Brownsville Independent School District Trustee Erasmo Castro."

What has Mike in a tither and a need to use the troll to do his dirty work is, on days like today the BV's readership goes up because only the BV can cover the full legal side of the question.

Mike is nervous about an enhancement being added to Castro's charge which could lead to a formal finding the felony conviction is still good and Castro will be out.  

This is a fact of the case. This is a fact a real journalist would report, versus a troll.  Mike Hernandez does not like it so he goes to the troll since Montoya will not defend Castro.

Now if I really wanted to go after Castro I would post the video of his car in a field where the police have him stopped.  I have not because the car merely being in the field does not mean he drove it there because he was intoxicated.  Maybe when he pulled over he chose to not stop on the shoulder and preferred the field.  I have no way of knowing, hence it does not get posted.

I could post the video of him in the bar ordering two of something.  So what?, he does not appear to be drunk in the video.  He could be ordering his first drinks for himself along with a friend.  Hence the video is of no evidence. 

No my friends Mike Hernandez is mad that I raised the issue of the enhancement and how that can impact Castro's ability to do Mike's dirty work.  He is mad because I called for an investigation to see if Mike is paying him to promote Mike's program over BISD and TSC?  There is also an old misdemeanor for theft by check which was dismissed after restitution.  If there is a conviction anywhere in the state, then there is an enhancement which means at least 30 days in jail, which in reality is 10.  No my friends Mike cannot have this.

Mike and the troll are clueless on what is coming their way.  Neither are smart enough to understand based on several IP addresses I know when each is on line.  I pay for services to run my blog, while accepting no money.

I will bet the farm the troll is going to run from the summons and subpoena.  He will magically have to go to his "beloved" NM.  His seemingly terrorist threat and running will not play in federal court, and Mike is too stupid to understand he cannot use an unethical attorney to influence a federal judge.

Hey Mike, Judge Lowe is removing himself from the case.  Your lawyer fucked up again bro. He will want another $20,000, to stop what is about to happen in state court.

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