Wednesday, September 11, 2019


I do not make light about what happened.  What concerns me is we have made this into a national day of mourning for no other reason the attack was done by Arabs, and politicos while never doing anything for the first responders use the day to garner votes.  This reality should sicken everyone.

These people did not die so the day could become a propaganda day for elected officials to look good and garner votes.

Elected county officials will post their perfunctory posts while refusing to give the county first responders a living wage.  You remember today by insuring all first responders are paid a living wage and their families are guaranteed to be taken care of if something happens to them.

Congress still battles over insuring the health care of those dying as first responders from the dust at the World Trade Center.  But Congress will be out front today talking about how important today is while they allow the first responders to continue to die from a lack of proper health care.


A white man attacks a federal building killing 168 people including 19 children and we do not remember the attack.  But an Arab attacks a business tower and it becomes a national day of mourning.  Why?

The 19 babies and children who were blown apart matter.  Everyone who died on that day matters.  The first responders still dealing with health problems matter.  But the attack was executed by a white man, so we as a nation forget.

It sickens me how 9/11 is really a day for politicos to garner votes and look good, while as a nation we refuse to mourn those who died in Oklahoma for no better reason than that attack was done by a white man and not an Arab.

All lives matter.  And there should be no first responders in this country earning less than a living wage.  Two key issues which will not even be acknowledged today.

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