Thursday, September 5, 2019


The first thing you need to know about endorsements is the person doing the endorsement could actually hate the person they are endorsing.  It is like a king marrying off a troll daughter to an impotent prince so alliances are made in the better interest of the kingdom.

The game of endorsements is you find every elected official in the area you want to take and then praise them and endorse them.  The troll princess and impotent prince are now joined, for political expediency and not the good of the people.

The risk is how many votes are you losing.  And are you playing at a game wherein you can be easily be out maneuvered.  There is no issue that Eddie Lucio Jr. wants his son to take over as State Senator. 

Senator Lucio has the best chance of beating off his opponents, whereas his son is  rolling the dice of losing in a Senate race and then being out of politics for good.

Alex Dominguez is running the same risk.  The Senate District has a lot of Republicans and Independents.  Ruben Cortez already has twice won the approval of the people in the District. 

Alex is playing smart on policy issues.  He is out front on demanding a special session on gun control.  Governor Abbott has already shut down the idea, but the demand will continue and Governor Abbott could end up in a mess if we have another shooting.

My point is Alex is running smart.  But nothing on his web page indicates he is running for reelection as a state representative.  He has no signs and no presence on the internet I can find he is outright saying he is running for reelection.

Sara Stapleton Barrera did not get into the race because she believes she will be up against Senator Lucio.  She believes she will be running against the son.  Ruben Cortez made her job a lot harder.  Then the prospect of Alex Dominguez leaves her in the dust.

Alex  has a statewide public forum he is using to make a name for himself on the issue of gun control.  Sara has no statewide forum to make a name for herself.  Alex Dominguez is clearly better at this game than Eddie Lucio III.


Yes you secure alliances in the area you want to win, but you still have to win.  I do not believe Senator Lucio will chance his son in a 4 way race and will just run for reelection, win, knock the others out of the way leaving his son to run in 2 years after Senator Lucio resigns after the 2020 Legislative session.

Alex Dominguez would serve himself and the people well to keep the discussion going on a special session for gun control, seek reelection, and then prepare himself in 2 years to take down Congressman Vela based on a real and meaningful record.

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