Sunday, September 8, 2019


While I do not believe the Petition will change anything, by Brownsville standards, 3037 signatures are impressive.

The key is for veteran groups and in fact everyone to put pressure on our elected officials at the city and TSC to demand BISD take the legal action to remove Castro and formally apologize to Zach Blevins for violating his constitutional rights.  Zach gave a leg for our freedoms, we owe him that much.

Our elected officials have no moral compass.  The only thing they fear is being thrown out of office.  The larger the pressure on the city of Brownsville Commissioners and TSC Trustees the greater the odds they will speak up for Zach Blevins and against Erasmo Castro.  Just forget about the BISD Board of Trustees.  There is so much corruption on the BISD Board no one can take action without taking down the entire Board.


I saw the headline in the Spanish version.  The police have released a more detailed report.  The report may be exculpatory or give context to the arrest.  I do not know.

I refuse to buy the Herald and the story in English nor Spanish is on line.

If someone has the Herald put the story, not your interpretation of the  story, on line.

The BV has been very cautious in its coverage.  I have refused to publish pictures of the police stop because they have no context.  I refused to publish a video of Castro allegedly taking a pay off.  In fact I post on line to the person who posted it, there was nothing in the video to support the claim.  It has now been clarified that Castro was gifting and I stress gifting some football tickets to a father. 

I deal in what I know I can prove in open court.

So let's get this Herald article on the internet and see what the police report says.  For the record, I do not believe the police should release reports in pending cases.  It has the potential of poisoning the jury pool.  I have always been against it, and always will be.  But the damage is done, so lets see what it says.

It may put things in a context which raises fact questions about the truthfulness of the allegation. 

I have been clear, Castro will get no special deal from Saenz.  The slap on the hand which is coming is exactly what Saenz would give to anyone else.  I repeat this because if we reach a deal of a plea bargain, the trolls will be all over the internet yelling favoritism when in fact there is none.

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