Sunday, September 1, 2019


We already have a hopelessly corrupt court of appeals, we do not need to add to it with Nereida Lopez-Singleterry.

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I am putting the following question to her and we shall see if she answers,  "Your husband is under investigation for engaging in an ex parte hearing as found by the court of appeals you seek to serve.  The justices who failed to report your husband are also under investigation.  That includes your prospective opponent  Gregory Perkes.  Your husband filed a frivolous Plea to the Jurisdiction and Appeal in an election contest.  He lost with the court of appeals.  He then sought attorneys fees although in his pleadings and hearing he failed to seek even the modicum of due process.  As a prospective court of appeals judge what do you say about these type judges?" 

I do not expect an answer.  Click for case

"There is another married couple who work in Hidalgo County, Luis Singleterry, Judge for Hidalgo County 92nd District Court and Nereida Lopez-Singleterry, Judge for Master Court #1."


Place 6 is currently help by JUSTICE GREGORY T. PERKES. 

He is under investigation for running cover for Singleterry's husband.  He has an active FB page.  But I see nothing concerning the election.  See FB page


She is not well liked in Cameron County.  It is not even a challenge to find controversial stories on her.  But to understand her character look at her campaign sign.  She does not say which Place she is running for on the Court of Appeals. I am certain she has told people, and if directly asked may answer the question.  But the people have a right to know based on campaign signs.  If she cannot be honest and forthcoming about which place she is running for, why should we trust her.  The 13th Court of Appeals is a bastion of corruption.  In 2020 we need to work to elect honest people.

I have reviewed her FB page and every sign and T-shirt lacks any indication as to which place she is running for. Character matters.

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