Friday, September 6, 2019


I want to be clear about something, I have not signed the petition to remove Castro from the BISD Board of Trustees.  While I will always support community activism, such a petition will accomplish nothing.  And I can say with 100% certainty there is no support by his opponents to take the necessary action to end his political career.  The skill set is not there.

But Castro being a con artist, does not know how to shut up.  He will continue to embarrass the BISD Board.

We asked Castro about Sevier and what he said seemed dead-on:
Erasmo CastroErasmo Castro
He’s another one of these folk that need to get appointed to a committee here or there to be relevant…these folk need to put their name on a ballot…hopefully against me in 2022…

Yes compared to Jessica Tetreau Kalifa wanting to appoint Castro to the GBIC when he has no known history of a job, while Sevier has on his resume two successful businesses.  No Sevier has not been running a con job FB page for years conning people and blocking anyone who calls him out.  That my friends is Erasmo Castro in need of relevance, beyond his felony conviction.


Zach is a disabled veteran who lost limbs in service to this country while in Afghanistan.  Now it is no great secret that while the Troll uses the VA clinic in McAllen, he hates veterans and trashes them all of the time. 

Erasmo CastroErasmo
You hit it right on the head…  it’s sensationalism… most signing the petition aren’t even from Brownsville
Do you know who started it?…
Erasmo CastroErasmo
One of my newest stalkers…Zachary Blevins…nothings who want their 15 minutes (of fame)…

Erasmo and the rest of the Board are nothing more than a bunch of sick motherfuckers for silencing a veteran who gave limbs to defend the right to free speech and Erasmo in particular is just one incredibly sick con artist with zero moral compass.

The BISD Board owes Zach Blevins a person letter of apology and at least 10 minutes to have his say.  

I'm sorry, anyone who thinks they can defend anyone as evil and sick as Erasmo Castro needs to be removed from office.


As of this moment no Information has been filed against Castro.  In law in a felony case it is called an indictment and in a misdemeanor case it is called an Information.

The first key is for elected officials to quietly pressure Saenz to include the enhancement for the felony conviction.  Saenz is up for reelection.  If enough elected officials pressure him to do his job, he will.

But mind you this will not deter Castro.  He will roll the dice on having his felony conviction recognized on the books.  Now there is a chance as part of a plea bargain he will resign to avoid the enhancement.  We saw this in the case of Ernie Hernandez.

Another option, for which there is no support - shame on  Brownsville attorneys given who Zach Blevins is and what he has given to this country - is a lawsuit against Castro for blocking him on his FB page, and a lawsuit against whomever at BISD shut him down when he tried to speak.  It is possible the school district can be sued to obtain a permanent injunction against such future conduct.

In the case of Lincoln Park Michael Cowen stepped up to the plate and filed the lawsuit to protect Lincoln Park.  Many people worked quietly to make it happen. We won

So we have two clear examples of how we can impact the dirty politics.  We have zero support for either in the case of Erasmo Castro.


I have said on the DWI issue Saenz  will do as he does with everyone else, Castro will get a slap on the hand.  Unless there is clear evidence the stop and arrest are bad Saenz will not dismiss the charges going into an election.

Castro is innocent until proven guilty.  The focus needs to be his character and not just the DWI.  It is consistent with the character of a convicted felon for fraud to attack a disabled veteran who gave his limbs to defend freedom of speech.  


I have had parents asks about the legality of BISD trustees posting pictures of their children without their consent.  I told  them their only hope to stop it is to send a letter  to the principal making it clear action will be taken if any BISD employee or Trustee posts a picture of their children to social media and then copy the superintendent.

This has been an issue for me for many years and I have raised it with all politicos who posts pictures of their children to social media.  When you are an elected official on the border and post pictures of your children on social media and the name of the schools they attend my view is social services should come in and take your children.  The drug cartels are everywhere and these moronic elected officials are telling the drug cartels exactly where to go to kidnap their children.  It is like dumb is the only requirement for some of these people to run for office.


DA Saenz is not going to do his job and include the felony enhancement.  The BISD Board of Trustees has no shame.  They are a pathetic lot who think denying a disabled veteran who gave limbs for his right to speak is acceptable.  They think Zach Blevins was a fool to think he was defending anything when in reality they the BISD Board never intended to defend or honor the constitution.

The BISD Board has the ability to end this now.  They will not because they all are dirty and know if one falls they all fall.  There is no chance they will act until community leaders call them daily demanding an explanation for their conduct.  They need their friends questioning their conduct.  Until the BISD Board is totally humiliated and sued nothing will change, and knowing what I know nothing will change.


First I do not buy the number of followers you have on FB means anything.  I easily turn away over a hundred people a week.  The design of the system allows for people to garner 1000's of followers who actually do not follow them.  FB on this issue is a con.

But I have said before, targeting people who matter makes a difference.  I think I have 64 very select friends.  At least half are veterans or people who are strong supporters of veterans.  So I am going to do a very short post on Zach and what BISD did to him and Castro and ask my friends to share.  If everyone who has signed the petition would do the same, maybe, just maybe the national media will pick up on the story.  The Herald is worthless and social media here is not stong enough to effectuate change.

But a national news story will humiliate the BISD Board and that will make me smile.


Anonymous said...

You will smile? Why would you take joy in it? Even if it is good in the long run it is not a happy thing that it has come to this. It makes BISD and the city look bad and though you sometimes must shine a light on the bad to get rid of it, it should not give pleasure.

BobbyWC said...

I have no problem with your comment, I simply beg to differ. If Brownsville takes a hit over the corruption it will be short term, but the benefits will be long term and that makes me smile

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Did Mr. Blevins followed the proper channel in addressing his concerns? The Board of Trustees follows state guidelines in allowing community participation at the Board meetings. The Board can stop a citizen addressing his concern in public audience and direct him to the proper channels according to Board policy.

Board Policy
A proceeding for the removal of a board member is begun by filing a written petition for removal in district court of the county in which the board member resides. A resident of the state who has lived for at least six months in the county in which the petition is to be filed and who is not currently under indictment in the county may file a petition. Local Gov’t Code 87.015
A board member may be removed from office for:
1. “Incompetency,” which means:
a. Gross ignorance of official duties;
b. Gross carelessness in the discharge of those duties; or
c. Unfitness or inability to promptly and properly discharge official duties because of a serious physical or mental defect that did not exist at the time of election.
2. “Official misconduct,” which means intentional, unlawful behavior relating to official duties by a board member entrusted with the administration of justice or the execution of the law. The term includes an intentional or corrupt failure, refusal, or neglect of a board member to perform a duty imposed on the board member by law.
3. Intoxication on or off duty caused by drinking an alcoholic beverage, but not if it was caused by drinking an alcoholic beverage on the direction and prescription of a licensed physician.
4. Conviction of a board member by a jury for any felony or for misdemeanor official misconduct. The conviction of a public officer by a petit jury for any felony or for a misdemeanor involving official misconduct operates as an immediate removal from office of that officer.
Tex. Const., Art. V, Sec. 24; Local Gov’t Code 87.011, .012(14), .013, .031

BobbyWC said...

Texas law trumps Board Policy. The current law clearly states the Board must allow him to speak. The law as of 9/1 trumps Board policy.

Nice try though. You only made Castro look more desperate.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"Texas law trumps Board Policy."

You are correct. BISD board policy is following Texas state law: "Tex. Const., Art. V, Sec. 24 Removal. Look at the board policy posted by Anonymous 2:01 p.m. on removal. Therefore, did Mr. Blevins follow the proper channel in requesting the removal of an elected official to the school board of trustees? If not, did a school official advise him of the procedure to follow in order to request the removal of a school board member?

Simple questions, I hope that you will post this comment and continue on the subject matter in order for this community to follow in order to remove such individual who do not represent our community and should not make decisions in regard to the education of our children.

Mr. Blevins should be commanded for his courage in taking the first steps to correct the failure of those who do not represent our community in the best manners.

BobbyWC said...

The post was about silencing Zach and not the procedure to remove him. Like I have said I did not sign the petition. But letting the Board know how the people feel is the first step, and this Board voilated black and white state law.

My sources are telling me Zach is now aware on how to proceed on the removal part. But he is still free to go to the next meeting and speak and demand Erasmo's resignation and or removal. And it is like I have said in every case like this, I will not hold my breath for a lawyer to step forward and help him.

It is so simple. They allege the felony conviction and the judge as a matter of law will have to decide if it is still in place. It is according to the specific case law. Game over. But no lawyer in this town cares enough to act or help a disabled veteran. But when they want to seek office boy they will tell you how much they care.

So yes this is helpful in concept,. But it will never happen in this town of pussified lawyers. And yes the Board violated his right to speak and he needs to go back and do it again and again and again and let them keep on violating the law because I can assure you this hopelessly corrupt board will never comply with the law.

Bobby WC