Monday, September 16, 2019


So today was a total and complete bust with the new brain surgeon.  I nearly left when I saw in the exam room a letter filled with Trump lies he wanted his patients to sign in support of Trump,  This tells me this doctor is science and fact resistant.

The main reason the VA  wanted me to see a local doctor is so I have someone who can reset  the value after an MRI and check it every 6 months so I do not have to go to San Antonio.

Well he said he does not believe is valve settings and never resets them.  Well the valve determines the rate of flow of cerebral fluid and thereby the pressure.  He actually said he considers the valve setting meaningless and does not check the value ever.  The purpose of the shunt is the value.

I stayed because he did order two test the VA has been resisting.  I go back tomorrow for the specialized CAT scans, then I will make the appointment to go back to San Antonio.


I really do not enjoy it too much because half way through the night I start to miss so many numbers.  My head is pounding and I cannot really see the cards.  Well it is the last game and I just want to leave from the pounding headache.  It is called full card.  You need to mark the entire card.  I see I need 4 numbers so I verify I have not made a mistake.  I missed three numbers.  I marked them and that left me with I 17, it was the next number called,  I nearly missed it because of the headaches.

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