Monday, September 2, 2019


If you have to work in retail, you are working instead of spending the day with your family. 

I am really tired of the discussion that Brownsville is so poor, while putting all of the blame on a lack of job training.  Job training is a big issue, but wages is bigger.

We have major corporations paying their workers $8.00 an hour while their executives make millions.  Their workers go without benefits.

Cities and counties all over the U.S. are passing a living wage mandate.  Cameron County is many things, but a bastion of elected Democrats is not one of them.  All it takes to lift Brownsville out of poverty is raising the minimum wage for now to $10.00, an hour with a $14.00 an hour wage within 4 years.  Based on a predefined number of employees benefits should also be mandated.

Many of the big box stores are already paying $10.00 or more an hour.  It has not slowed their business.

If you want to change Brownsville, make this a key issue in the 2020 Primaries for Commissioners Court.  You also need to keep the pressure of the City of Brownsville. 

If we expose the truth about our elected officials, they may just fold and support a living wage which will raise the quality of life for everyone in Brownsville and Cameron county.

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