Thursday, September 19, 2019


My issue is we cubbyhole people and dispose of them.  Until everyone is paid according to their worth and not market value, Brownsville will never lift itself up.


They spoke out for themselves but not the general population.  A worker's value is not in a piece of paper.  It is in how well they learn the job and how hard they work.  The city, county, TSC, and the Port need to take the lead and end the GED requirement for employment.  Far too many people are cubbyholed into not being qualified because they do not have a piece of paper.

As Kodi Lee is a music savant there are people without GED's who are incredibly brilliant in other ways and incredibly hard working.  But we leave them behind.  It is time we take up their right to equal work and pay based on their ability and not some worthless piece of paper.

God I know doctors who do not know the basics of government or how to use a tool.

The cubbyhole mentality kept Kodi Lee away from humanity.  Now he will be a world wide sensation.

My aunt Socorro was down syndrome.  Born in the 30's in Nicaragua she had no help or options.  My grandparents were very well off.  My grandfather was the president of  the Bank of London based in Managua.  Money was not an issue.  Just ignorance.

As a teenage and adult I can tell you hanging with Socorro taught me if she were born in the U.S. today she would go on to be a college graduate.  She had a near eidetic memory. [corrected]  Her critical thinking skills were amazing.  But she was cubbyholed based on ignorance and never afforded opportunity.

Could you imagine our world had Helen Keller never been given a chance?


Anonymous said...

Words mean things and I don't think you meant your aunt had an extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque memory though she may have. I think you meant to say she had an eidetic memory though you could have meant she had a near photographic memory as the two are often confused.

BobbyWC said...

The funny thing is I ran the word and did not notice. My head is killing me. They just woke me up at the doctors as I slept over 2 hours waiting. After I walk Sam at about 7:15 or so my head is pounding and anything I write is questionable in terms of getting the point across.

My SA doctor has the CT Scan. So now I wait for him to finish with his patients before he looks at it and makes a decision. All I know is the headaches cannot continue. I am ready to head to NY and go to the VA on Long Island if that is what it takes. They are tied to a really good medical school with a brain surgery team.

Bobby WC

Bobby WC