Thursday, September 12, 2019


Today Jerry as one of his bought and paid for lies, he claims I am saying as of today, Senator Eddie Lucio is not running for reelection.  A verifiable lie.  The BV on September 6, 2019, posted the following clearly stating Senator Lucio Jr, is running for reelection.  So why lie Jerry?  Because you are paid to lie by disreputable candidates.  It is that simple.


Reelect which Lucio?  Well Senator Lucio is now running commercials saying the pachanga is for his reelection.  Still not buying it.  If he runs it is to take out prospective opponents against his son, and then he will resign after the 2020 session, leaving his son the only man standing.


Anonymous said...

Is Jerry lying or making an assertion? In the opinion of many, Lucio Sr. is perhaps facing the biggest challenge from an opponent in the next election. He also is in the position of making sure that his sibling is set to replace him and garnish the benefits of which he has received for a number of years in serving our community.
When was the last time that Lucio Sr. held such a huge political pachanga before an election? The defeat of State Rep. Oliveira by Mr. Dominguez has opened the gateways for others to challenge Mr. Lucio. The time has come for voters to determine if new blood is needed in our representation at the state level.
It is also the opinion of many, that if Lucio Sr. is elected he will resign opening the way for the appointment of his sibling as a replacement. A statement clearly made by you in your blog.
In defense of Mr. McHale, it is in the opinion of many that his statement was an assertion without fully telling the true of the situation or elaborating on the matter in hand. You have to admit that McHale has not treating the Lucio’s kindly in years past. Furthermore, the huge Pachanga sign does say re-elect Eddie Lucio for the Texas State District 27, giving the fact that there is only one Eddie Lucio who can be re-elected for such position and reneging your statement of "Reelect which Lucio".
In respect to Mr. Lucio, this community appreciates his services as our representative for so many years. If re-elected, we wish him well and we hope that he will serve and represent our community to the fullest.

Anonymous said...

If elected will he be a Republican or a Democrat?

BobbyWC said...

If it is Lucio Jr.'s intent to resign after the 2020 session to pass the seat to his son, then he may not just go along with the Republicans because it could hurt his son. But the money is Lucio Jr. will vote with the Republicans

Bobby WC