Friday, September 20, 2019



Last night my VA doctors ordered me to the ER to have the cerebral fluid drained through the spine.  I refused.  I am dealing with a federal case wherein I have to file two things today before I can leave.  Both the magistrate and federal judge are going before the commission on judicial conduct.

The rules have opened up to make the complaints easier.  I am setting the case up for an emergency stay to be presented to Associate Justice Gorsuch.  In his new book he highlights how the trial level judges abuse their authority in dismissing too many cases against the little guy thereby protecting big money against the guy with no money.

Because I am the one doing it without the party's consent I am leaving out names.  But when a Magistrate Judge actually rules the 14th Amendment does not incorporate the Bill of Rights, we have a bought and paid for judge who uses pervasive bias.  I can keep the Magistrate Judge and the District Judge helping him tied up before the commission and the senate for years.  

The only reason I did not go to the hospital last night is I have to deal with these two fascists.  So long as they remain on the Bench in Brownsville, justice is in trouble.

Again these are my acts against them and my words, not the party.  

My head feels like it is swimming in water.  Walking Sam  this morning was so difficult.  I can barely stand.  I spent most of the night screaming in horrible pain from the neuropathy.  The Lyrica is not working.  For over an hour I could not move my legs from the waste down.  But I am here and will finish this project and get it filed and then head to San Antonio or go to Harlingen to be admitted to the hospital there which is where the VA wanted me to go last night.

Another review of the CT scan shows I am subject to brain hemorrhaging and the pressure needs to be released.

But two fascist federal judges have me compromising my health to help protect this person's rights.

We will be suing the federal commission on judicial conduct in federal court in Washington.  This person is indigent.  The Senate unconstitutionally delegated its constitutional duties to the judiciary.  There is plenty of case law on this.  When the Senate has to review the abuse of this magistrate judge and federal judge as part of the suit, they will begin to understand the system is beyond broken because the federal judges are subject to no meaningful accountability.  No meaningful accountability means no justice.

Okay I have to try and work.  My head is ready to bust, I cannot stand without the walker, and my brain feels like it is spinning in a pool.

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BobbyWC said...

Maybe I was not clear. I do not have this person on my characterization of the judges, or my complaint. But I am clear I have authority to prepare the documents.

I am not going to compromise the case by naming it. Also I know what is in the documents, and I do not lightly use the word fascist. This merging of our courts with the commericial sector has destroyed our courts. The orders are as clear as day. They are written by fascists merging corporate and government powers at the expense of the people. I have had them reviewed and people are in shock on how open they are in their contempt for the law.

When a judge writes he is dismissing the case because another court already ruled on it and cannot reference the lawsuit or any document which shows that he knows he is running cover for the corporation. This kind of deception and lying under no circumstances is acceptable.

I'm a fighter and will hopefully finish soon and then go to the ER. I am getting conflicting information but what is certain is my sister has asked that I and another out of state brother get to NY fast because the cancer has won and it is now a formality.

I am one strong ox. I will get this done, get to the ER. The procedure and recovery to see if it worked is about 30 minutes. It will be good for a week or two which gets me to NY. My flight with points is a mere $87.00.

So I will do what I do.

And as a anony you will go what you do and attack without ever exposing your clear conflict of interest on the subject

Bobby WC