Saturday, September 28, 2019


Here is an example of the moronic comments being made over HEB's closing of the  downtown store.

 "Anonymous said...
HEB builds as close to the welfare cockroaches as possible to get that government money; they love to build close to Section Eight housing.
September 26, 2019 at 4:08 PM"

In my 14 years in Brownsville HEB built one store.  It is the Plus store on Paredes and 802.  This is hardly an example of building to make money off of people on housing.

The comment reflects the ignorance of the poster on how housing works.  There are basically two options. Some people live in housing owned by the BHA.  Others receive vouchers and live all over Brownsville.  So the comment is that of a troll how just needs to make trouble and demonstrate their ignorance.
According to HEB the costs of renovation were too high.  What pisses me off is the second someone got hurt or got sick because of the state of the store the same people whining would be yelling lawsuit because HEB kept the store open for profits.
A store can make money, but it can also be unsafe for food and the employees.  A decision has to be made.
When I look at the bigger picture I see a good corporate neighbor in HEB.  So based on the bigger picture I must assume HEB made a good decision in closing the downtown store.
The city gets an "F" for its years of neglect in trying to recruit a new grocery chain.  Most people I know never go to the HEB on Southmost because its selections are limited and the store is in need of repairs.  I take the longer trip to either the Plus store or the one on Boca Chica and Parades.   The store on Central and Boca Chica, near downtown is also nice.

HEB giving the city 10 minutes notice of its decision was not good business.  But the city knew it was coming.  It was a matter of time.  No one believes the very people complaining would have supported the city giving money to HEB or a tax abatement to remodel the store.  So just stop pretending.
Someone at the city needs to show leadership on more grocery stores.  For me parking at any HEB is always a nightmare.  I do use Walmart for a handful of things I cannot get at HEB.
Jessica Tetreau Kalifa and Nurith Galonsky both get an "F" when it comes to landing a new store for our part of town.  The Walmart failed because it was a Walmart.  Walmart can be good, but HEB markets to its local customers.  There is plenty of land on the east side of Four Corners for a grocery store.  I would love a Fiesta because it has a more diverse choice of groceries than HEB.  But I believe an HEB Plus would do well.
Instead of the city whining because HEB decided the store was not safe for its customers or food it needs to look at the larger HEB corporate mentality as a good corporate neighbor and see what HEB may be willing to offer the  city in terms of the building.  We desperately need a facility of efficiency units for homeless veterans.  Other cities are making the investment why not Brownsville?

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