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Seen by Erasmo Castro at 4:20 PMErasmo
This is how bright some folk are
They’re being asked to donate money for something that money 
cannot buy…
[EDITOR’S NOTE, II:Wow. Money being solicited to
place an  item on a schoolboard agenda. That’s a new one
on us…]

No troll the money is not being raised to place an item on the
agenda,  it is being raised by Change.org as a way to support
their organization.  But why let 60 seconds of research get in
 the way of bought and paid  for hack journalism.

Dude, Robert Sanchez cannot stop his manic messaging and
George Gavito has a big mouth.  The truth will come out.
Of course Sanchez will say his manic messaging was
forced on him and he was lying the second Mike Hernandez
 threatens him.