Monday, September 2, 2019


Erasmo Castro Jr - Driving While Intoxicated - Class B Misdemeanor  

I first saw this on Montoya's page.  I got the mugshot from the BPD blog.

NOTE FROM READER:  Castro is effectivly trashing Saenz's wife through his trashing of TSC.  A source within the DA's office is claiming Saenz is livid with Castro.  Whether Saenz is livid with Castro is irrelevant.  The fact Castro is de facto trashing his wife, disqualifies Saenz's from the case.


We must stay vigilant on this one.  DA Saenz has backed Castro and run cover for him in the past, and now needs to ask for a special prosecutor so as to insure justice.

Of course until proven guilty, Castro is innocent.  To be fair I am watching a case where Saenz has no choice but to drop a DWI because it has already been shown in a related case the officer lied in the probably cause affidavit.  My point is you can be arrested, be guilty and still have the charges dropped because of an unethical police officer.

I am monitoring a case in Odessa wherein the dumbass police released a signed confession to the press.  A transfer of venue will now happen.  Also they had a man who is blind without his glasses, sign a bizarre confession.  His doctor has verified without his glasses he had no way to be able to read the confession.  The confession is out.  The sad part is, he is probably guilty as sin.

Just two cautionary tales before people convict before a trial.


He has protected Castro on his felony conviction and it matters in this case.  The felony conviction means upon conviction of a class B Misdemeanor he must do at least 30 days in jail, which means probably 10.

Now you watch.  Saenz may raise the issue of the felony conviction and then convince the judge it does not exist.  The law is clear, it does exist.  Saenz must remove himself from this case and ask the AG's criminal section to assign a lawyer to the case.

Texas Penal Code § 12.43.

(b) If it is shown on the trial of a Class B misdemeanor that the defendant has been before convicted of a Class A or Class B misdemeanor or any degree of felony, on conviction he shall be punished by:
(1) a fine not to exceed $2,000;
(2) confinement in jail for any term of not more than 180 days or less than 30 days;  or
(3) both such fine and confinement.
Saenz cannot be trusted to properly prosecute this case.  Social media needs to remain diligent in its coverage.
It does not end there.  Everyone who knows Castro knows he does nothing without getting paid.  He is promoting Mike Hernandez's school while trashing TSC.  And investigation needs to include if Castro is being paid.
It is time the BISD Board call in the state to sort the Castro mess out.
Of course I would support a simple plea bargain if he would just resign from the BISD Board.

We have a problem with Sylvia Atkinson and Minerva Peña.  They both are spooked over the false claims made against Castro concerning a minor. In their rush to destroy Castro on the false claim they missed the bigger issue.

If anyone has any information in the incident including a police report number I can still get the tape.  The case has been closed.  The story was the tape, and Peña totally missed the importance of the tape.

Until parents have the full portfolio on Castro parents are not going to demand action.  So if you can help me on this issue please email me.

People keep on telling me to sue Jessica and Castro for blocking me on their FB pages.  The federal court of appeals have already found this to be unconstitutional.  I am tired.  This mornings walk with Sam was real hard on me.  Outside all I can do is thow his toy and stand there as he runs around me to keep it from me.  I cannot chase him without falling.  My head just begins to explode.

I have standing to sue Jessica and Castro for blocking me on FB.  If a lawyer wants to use my name for standing and pay the costs and do all the work I am game.  Otherwise, this is someone elses problem.

Only through litigation will people know the truth Jessica and Castro.
The BISD Board needs to ask the state if Castro should be removed from the Board as a convicted felon.


Anonymous said...

The BISD board needs to act. This felon needs to go out. Why does Cowen and Laura Perez support such behaivor.

BobbyWC said...

Phil Cowen is a nice person who believes he can reform Castro. He is going to hang himself for being so nice. John Cowen has already shown his cards. I think the Cowen dynasty will come to an end during the next election cycles for Ralph and Phil. John was just elected so we have to wait.

Phil needs to lead the way to have Castro removed. They can ask the AG for an opinion on the felony conviction. The law is black and white. The state at the request of BISD can remove Castro pretty fast.

I know things about Castro and he will resign before he allows for any type ruling on his felony conviction. Just push it guys and he resigns.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Phillip Cowen loves Erasmo and wants all to believe in Erasmo. Forget believe in BISD. It's Erasmo running crazy with FB. A lot of politicos follow him cuz of his followers. Bobby is Erasmo above the law?

BobbyWC said...

Cowen is just a nice guy who will not give up on Castro until his situation becomes impossible. To be above the law you have to violate the law. As of this moment there is no evidence any law was violated, just an accusation.

People only see these high profile cases. Seemingly nobodies get off under Saenz. In a DWI case where the woman left her victim in a coma, and a cripple for a year until medicaid kicked in to pay for the surgery [Saenz refused to help with the crimes victim application] was let off. She was never even charged. Some believe it was to protect the bar owner who over served her, others believe it was because the victim belongs to a large clan which has always opposed Saenz. It did not make the news. No one care. This happens all of the time.

In the Mary Tipton case, the spoliation instruction which allowed the defendent off was totally without legal merit. But Saenz wanted her to go free so he did nothing to stop or appeal the spoliation instruction. All of the evidence got in, so there was no need for a spoliation instruction. But Saenz wanted the killer of Mary Tipton to walk free and Judge Bañales was an all too willing participant in the miscarriage of justice.

The only way this case will have the appearance of justice is if the AG assigns a special prosecutor. If the rumors are true that Saenz now hates Castro, Castro has the right to an independent prosecutor to insure bias does not work into the case against him. But if the rumor is false and they are still buddies, we still need a special prosecutor to insure the case is clean.

It is all politics and only an AG special prosecutor can make sure what ever happens is clean

Bobby WC