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Look I have no problem with Barton defending his friend.  Also I have said repeatedly Castro is Innocent until proven guilty.  But there is not STIJA.  Barton calls it the most accurate in the area.  It is just a lie.  McHale has never ever posted the methodology of his fake polls.  Such a poll would cost easily $10,000.  Who paid for it.  How many people were surveyed?  How were they chosen?

McHale posts no methodology because there is no such thing as the STIJA.  McHale says I have applied to be part of the organization.  Never happened because no such organization exists.

Today's programs was to be about autism.  This is a very important issue.  I know for a fact BISD continues to deny help to some children with Asperger.   We are well into the podcast and not a word about autism, just Castro and how great he is.

Not a word about the BV's story about homeless veterans, but plenty about other homeless people who are not veterans.  And for this Castro attacks me.  He has said not a word about homeless veterans, and I am the bad person.  But then of course it is Castro attacking a disabled veteran.

Barton said the STIJA poll is the most accurate.  He lies and he knows it.  He will protect Castro at any cost.  Barton, post the methodology like any real poll does.  You cannot, but lie you can.  No problem with being loyal to a friend, but lying for him destroys your credibility.


Now I know first hand the police will lie in reports.  So for now all we have is what the Herald is reporting the police claim Castro said.  If the officers cam does not match up with Castro's alleged words you will see the case tossed and rightfully so.  I know of another case just tossed over the cam video not matching the police report.


My readers are not stupid.  They can form their own opinion and I will leave it at that.  How does a car which merely stalls, end up in a field?


Saenz has to formally file a charge known as an Information.  Depending on the results of the blood work the case will be dropped or possibly filed as a Class A.  If filed as a Class A with the enhancement the jail time will be based on a state jail felony.

For now we wait.


Anonymous said...

The petition is real! STIJA is not! Lol! We all know McHale is a fictional writer.

BobbyWC said...

And Barton and Castro will lie for relevance.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

" I know for a fact BISD continues to deny help to some children with Asperger."

What facts do you have? I have a child with Asperger; therefore, I would like to know how BISD is denying some children with Asperger with the necessary assistance.

BobbyWC said...

First of all if you had a child with Aspberger you would know how large the spectrum is and how easy it is to see it in a child. So I question your post because it is made by someone with zero knowledge of Asperger

My first case was some 17-18 years ago. The child was effectively kicked out of Dallas ISD. Her parents found the right doctors and now she is a successful college graduate, successful in her career and marriage.

Asperger children can become irritated and unable to learn in a regular classroom. It is just part of the very very large spectrum. They can only learn in very small groups. BISD refuses to place them in the right classroom. Some Asperger children do fine in regular classrooms, they have other issues.

I have helped many parents to get their children into smaller classrooms. BISD hates how much money it costs. They will not do the diagnosis and the parents are too poor or poorly educated to get their children to the right doctor. BISD knows exactly what they are doing. But we fight and when they are threatened with possible litigation and a TEA complaint they will say the child sufferes from classroom anxiety and place them in a smaller classroom, but never do the proper testing.

But if you actually had a child with Asperber Syndrome you would know about these complexities. In some kids it is as simple as not being able to pick up on social signs and then being labeled as trouble makers because they did not respond to the sign.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

As a parent of a child with Asperger Syndrome, I do not agree with your statement that BISD has not provided the appropriate services. I have participated in numerous ARD meetings since my child has been in school and in every situation the appropriate services have been provided by the child's IEP. Appropriate services is based on the child's needs in the least restrictive environment. That environment could be a regular classroom based on the child's need and not necessarily a small restrictive environment (small classroom). Remember IEP stands for Individual Education Plan. Every child has individual needs.

BobbyWC said...

You are making a false assumption which is dangerous. Just because you have mastered the ARD process does not mean they are providing services to the children of parents who do not even know about ARDS or that their child is acting out because of anxiety in a big classroom. I have seen these children sent to the alternative school for acting out and won in the end by getting them into a smaller classroom.

I do not doubt you have successfully protected your child. But you success does not speak for every child in the district.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Who is making false assumptions? Before a child is sent to an alternative school, the school must prove that the child's disability did not affect his behavior that warrant removal to an alternative setting. This is state law. This process is followed closely by the Texas Education Agency through the PEIMS process which enables the agency to monitor each placement of students in an alternative setting.

Parents of children with disabilities should not be deceived by individuals who act on their egotistic reasons for the things that they write or claim to know.

BobbyWC said...

In simple terms you have no idea what you are talking about. I have been on the front lines of this for nearly 20 years. I have done probably 200 ARDS around the state. Now I train parents who train parents.

Riddle my confused readers this. If no one has taken the time to diagnose the child and they just label him or her how are they suppose to know if the disability is the problem.

You are either a troll writing for the sake of writing to create problems or are clueless about reality.

I have plenty of parents who would love to give you an earful on reality.

I have written findings against BISD for children.

The federal DOEDucation had to come in and stop BISD from denying services to children with dyslexia if that was then only problem. BISD required two problems. The TEA and BISD had to settle with the feds and the child got he help. Without that complaint the child would have continued to fail.

So just stop your lying

Bobby WC

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I've given you and your lies all I will give. I guess my ego caused this article to be written. I got the TEA based on the number of complaints I had against BISD to come to Brownsville and provide parents special training to protect their children against BISD.

Do you just hate children?

Bobby WC