Monday, September 9, 2019


A credible source is reporting Zach did not lose his leg in Afghanistan.  But the fact remains he is a disabled veteran under attack for speaking his mind.  The fact remains he did serve in Afghanistan. The fact he did not lose his leg in Afghanistan changes nothing. This cannot be tolerated.  This clarification should have come out earlier, I will concede.  The BV is taking the lead on this because the truth and accuracy are always important

Zach suffered two traumatic brain injuries while in Afghanistan. "One was during a mortar attack the blast impact caused me to lose balance while moving to safety and I took a large blow to head after the fall. The first one was on a convoy after one of the front vehicles were hit and ours went off road the vehicle tipped and I was thrown into the gunners turret."

You know what really angers me is, on the 11th all the phony politicos will be out there claiming they believe in the first responders and our military, but not one of them will support a living wage for our security officers at the court house [first responders] or come to Zach Blevins defense. A bunch of motherfucker sickos is all I can say about our elected officials.

Think about what Zach went through and ask yourself how is it Barton is attacking me with verifiable lies and defending Castro for his attack on Zach. Barton wants you to believe everyone who saw the podcast knew the STIJA is fake. Proof - none because with Barton he lies as if it is a moral commandment from God. Poor Ana - I give it 6 months before she sees the truth and is applying for asylum. I presume she knows in this country we have zero tolerance for attacks on our veterans. It is time she teach that to Barton.

So yes, Zach did not lose his leg in Afghanistan but he did survive two major attacks and two traumatic brain injuries. As someone having a hard time with recovery from brain surgery trust me I can relate.

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