Monday, September 30, 2019


I have no idea if the prizes are worth the trip across the border.  This is something the COB should investigate.  If gambling takes off in Matamoros it could justify a new hotel downtown. 

The city might consider running small shuttles across the border as a service of BUS.  If not a small business can consider such a shuttle.  If it is a private shuttle, the city should offer them free space at the International Bus Terminal.

The Winter Texans who are only part time should be here soon.  We will see if they go across.  If the International Casino succeeds it will be good for Brownsville.  Brownsville needs to look into marketing it as an attraction for Brownsville.  Hey they can fly in from Houston, stay at a Brownsville hotel and enjoy both historic downtown Brownsville and Matamoros.

There is a possible opportunity here and the city needs to look into it.

For the record, other than low dollar bingo, I do not gamble and will not be going across.

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