Friday, August 16, 2019


From the Herald: "In April 2015, the county agreed to enter into contract negotiations with Annova to discuss the company’s request for a 100-percent property tax abatement as an economic development incentive. In September of that year, the commissioners court voted to table consideration of a 10-year tax abatement."

The idea of a 100% tax abatement is absurd and should be rejected outright.  They need our port.  They will cave.  At what point do the people of Brownsville get to stop providing corporate welfare to these type fools, when we are poor enough as it is.

Any commissioner who votes for this needs to be sent packing, and labeled a corporatist, feeding the corporate welfare system at the expense of the poorest of the poor.

I remain committed, that any deal on tax abatements must include the companies provide our workers with a living wage, and full benefits to include health, vacation, personal days, sick days, and retirement.  It is a matter of dignity.  We are not the scraps of the U.S.  We deserve equal treatment and not second class citizenship because our port is run by corporate welfare corporatists..  

We either stand our ground or surrender to slavery.


The BV has not run cover for TSC in this mess, but it does not change the fact to satify Mike Hernandez the lost John Sharp refuses to have the port use the space at TSC. This saves the taxpayers money.  It only costs the the port the cost of building out the facility in existing space.  This makes TSC an important part of the project.

The Port Commissioners are on a mission to finance us into further and further debt for no reason.  A price must be paid at the polls. 

The odd thing about this mess, and only the  BV has pointed out the obvious, whether at the Port or TSC the students of Brownsville benefit because the facility is in Brownsville.  The issue is the needless waste of money by not using the space at TSC.

And again, based on firm commitments what jobs are we training for?  None.

There are known job training needs which no one wants to tackle.  Mike Hernandez's facility which is unaccredited, did not fill a gap.  It is doing the same training available at TSC and by other private institutions which are accredited unlike his.  His model is not what we need. 

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