Saturday, August 31, 2019


I have been wanting to do a Victory Garden box for some time.  This year will cost me a lot more than the value of the vegetables, but it will be worth it.  It is not just about the fresh vegetables, it is also about the relaxation in caring for it, and teaching the children about the process.  It is hands on science.  They are so fascinated by my very hearty cherry tree.  It just keeps on producing fruit and flowers.  They are sour, but that is okay.

Tomorrow I have someone coming over to prepare the area which will be 4x8.  The grass needs to be torn up and the box needs to be placed along with a lot of garden soil.

I will do the planting and watering.  The prep work I cannot do, but I can care for it once it is put together. 

I believe I paid $74 for this cedar box on Amazon.  The time is right to plant seeds.  In two months I will have so many fresh vegetables for myself and friends.  The lemon harvest is getting close.  I have maybe a thousand or so.  Friends and family will come over for about a month or so and harvest 10 lemons at a time.  If you take too many they go bad.  Also I want to insure everyone gets lemons, so they have to come weekly.

Next year the cost should be just a bit more soil and seeds.  Also I will get two harvests, Spring and Fall

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