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Here you will note Mike Hernandez and Duardo are communicating.  Right after an IP address linked to Mike Hernandez logged on the Troll logged on.  This is going to be fun.  Mike had already committed felony perjury in the state case, so I will not expect him to be very truthful about his relationship with the Troll.

Pharr, Texas, United States
IP Address:
Spectrum (
Referring URL:
(No referring link)
Visit Page:

Wylie, Texas, United States
IP Address:
Spectrum ( 
Referring URL:
(No referring link)
Visit Page:
He is mad that I have his address.  I have made no secret I pay for a service which tracks IP addresses.  He is mad I blocked his endless moronic comments.  He can post them but google deletes them before they are sent to me.

This morning after reading I have his address for purposes of serving a summons and subpoena he made what one can construe as a terrorist threat while claiming having received what we all know is a non-existed email.

He is angry I have not responded.  Well I am busy making money.  I do have my post which I will write in about 30 minutes or so, but business comes first.  But I need to satisfy the troll as he sits and salivates over his moronic post.

He  sits in his home so angry I have not responded to him, he sends me the following from another IP address I have for him.  That will now be blocked, but since he acknowledged his google account I will file a formal complaint with google to suspend him based on what one can construe as a terrorist threat posted on WordPress.  WordPress is known for its abuse of social media.  Complaints go nowhere.  WordPress is at the top of the list as to why Congress wants to better regulate social media.

"/DP-M has left a new comment on your post " I BEGIN WITH PAN AM BECAUSE IT SPEAKS TO Brownsvi...": 

I was directed here by one of your readers and notice you made reference to my home address in your latest posting. I am not amused and have copied it to turn it over to my attorney and to the authorities. You really need to take stock of your life, Wightman. But I am not amused by your threats... 


Duardo "

First of all Duardo logged on to the BV about 4:25 a.m. from what I believe to be his phone.  He read what I wrote last night and went into a melt down with the following lies.  The IP address shows to be part of Time Warner and is located at the same address as his residence.

I will say it is possible Robert Sanchez text him in the middle of the night.  About two hours earlier he was reading my post.

First I never mentioned his address.  He did not help himself with a federal judge.  Threatening someone for having you served with a summons and subpoena is a crime.


Understand the context here.  I can prove he logged onto the BV from the other IP address before his post.  He will run before he is put to testify.  It should shock no one Castro joins in, in the mess.

From Duardo after he read my post I have his address and will have him served.

"We’re 2nd Amendment here, complying with Texas laws on things to do with protecting yourself and your residence. That said, well, we live in strange and wicked times. Everybody now knows that.
Overnight, we received a threat we are taking seriously."
"Someone arriving with a fake name and fake Email address submitted a comment to this News Blog threatening something or another, saying he/she knew our home address and comings & goings. "
Then after he sent the above comment through the other IP Address, he posted this. "[EDITOR’S NOTE:…This morning, after we posted this story, a reader directed us to a website operated by Brownsville Blogger Robert Wightman-Cervantes. We looked-in there and found this:"  His fake post was clearly intended to make it appear I was stalking him and threatening him.  I am mostly bedridden and I certainly have no time to go to McAllen/Pharr.  And tre 
He stopped at "this."  Stupid move.  The fact I can prove he read my post in the middle of the night, and then he posts a fake claim he is being watched along with a reference to his right to use a weapon to defend himself, allows for one to construe the post as a terrorist threat if someone approaches him with a summons and subpoena.
Oh yes Duardo have our non-existent lawyer contact me at  No lawyer is going to put their licence on the line after your threat.
And yes Duardo emails can be traced.  So have it traced.  I have paid to trace you IP addresses.  But we all know a virus will hit your computer destroying the archived email so when demanded to produce it you will not have it. 
This is going to be so, so much fun.  A federal judge will take very serious the veiled terrorist threat and the moronic post.  The IP is now blocked Duardo.  So I will be able to continue to monitor when you sign on, but your comments will be deleted before they reach my email.

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