Wednesday, August 7, 2019


I will still be working behind the scenes.  The problems are state wide.  The primaries are coming and what little time I can work needs to be on the primaries.  I have the opportunity for work, and will take it since it will pay the bills.  There may be some blogging here and there.

If you do not know yesterday the Texas Republican Party blew up.  Calls for the resignation of the House Speaker were loud by many Republicans.  They are eating themselves.  With what little time I have I have chosen to work on several projects to expose the Republicans.  The Democrats I am working with have no use for Gilbert Hinojosa so he will not be involved or notice as to what is happening behind the scenes.


I like this video because it shows the doctor struggling to reset the shunt.  I am not sure why the patient is reacting as he is, because I feel nothing.  But my surgeon has given up every time verifying the setting.  The machine shows it has been set, but there is no feed back to verify the setting.  That is what is happening here.

My surgeon is convinced I am over draining, but he cannot get a verification of the new setting to reduce the drain.  He does 5 series of x-rays of the shunt afterwards and everything with the shunt looks normal, so he assumes it is working.  So here is the deal, to slow the drainage I must mostly stay in bed.

In two weeks if getting up and going out brings back the blurred vision and intense headaches, I go back for a 4th attempt.  He even used a new FDA approved device for the adjustment and nothing.  He said it can take a year for the pressure to adjust and for the headaches to end.  This sucks.

The only good news is the axis between the hypothalamus and pituitary seems to be restoring, which is an important health issue.  My testosterone has doubled.  In September if it holds I will go from a double dosage of Androgel to a single dosage.  Also my metabolism is restoring.  My sleep is a lot better.  This all relates to relieving pressure on the brain/hypothalamus.

We now know  I was born with hydrocephalus but the back up was very slow and did not show itself until I was 28.  The surgeons could not agree if the surgery was needed. I had good private insurance and two surgeons disagreed with one another.  A VA neurosurgeon said because MRI's were new he could not know for sure the meaning of the enlarged ventricles.

Fast forward to 51, and another surgeon wanted to do the surgery, but the VA refused the approval.  This is when I learned I had hypothalamic dysfunction caused by ventricle pressure on the hypothalamus.

About the time I turned 61, in three weeks I had significant vision loss in each week for three weeks.  A new surgeon did a cerebral flow MRI, never done before, and I was then set for immediate surgery.  So while I am healthier, I will be stuck in bed until they can level out the pressure.

The research is showing if a child is wetting the bed after age 7 it is neurological and needs to be tested for hydrocephalus.  This is all new and most doctors have very little understanding of the process.  If you have low testosterone you need to have your FSH and LH tested. If they are low then you need the MRI.

To make matters worse for 5 weeks 3xs a week I need to go to physical therapy for a torn rotator cuff.  This is going to cause a massive headache and put me in bed the remainder of the day.

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