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I have many sources working with me and I can say, Mike Hernandez, and his annoying side kick Rita Hernandez, and some others are not at the table.  Texas A & M knows Mike Hernandez and Rita Hernandez have only humiliated Texas A & M.  

A side note the SAP/Imp does not merit acknowledgement of his name.  He is the consummate internet troll and to assign his real name to his nonsense validates him. [Wwll this post upset him so he had to insult my parents.  It is like dealing with a child in an endless tantrum.  Go outside and get yourself a Subway Imp.  Food may make you feel better.]

Internet Trolls

"In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroupforumchat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses[2] and normalizing tangential discussion,[3]whether for the troll's amusement or a specific gain."


Because McHale and the SAP/IMP lack a comprehension of the English language they just misrepresent what people are saying.  If they knew anything, which they do not, they would know English is a bastard language and one sentence can mean many opposing things.  A comprehension of the English language means reading for substance.  Neither have that skill set.  The SAP/IMP in the same way he harasses Jim Barton with endless posts as I am typing is already posting harassing posts which will go nowhere.  I know where he lives.  Google showed me how to block his IP address for posting, but not reading.  I decided to allow him to post because otherwise he will have no joy in his life.  I am not that cruel.

John Sharp:

"In a July 31 letter to Texas Southmost College President Jesus Roberto Rodriguez, Texas A&M University System Chancellor John Sharp indicated that TAMUS will not move ahead with plans for a “world-class” workforce training center at the Port of Brownsville in collaboration with Texas State Technical College, due to TSC’s public response to a proposed MOU between TAMUS, TSTC and the port."

Now his full statement makes clear this was a statement of reconciliation.  It shows a disappointment, but not an anger towards us.   He now knows his reliance on Mike Hernandez was ill conceived and is back at the table.  If he truly was out of it, his letter would not have been so conciliatory.  He intentionally left the door open, and the key primaries are on board that TSTC has to be part of this as Sharp envisions, but that TSC has to be an equal player with each promoting their strengths.  As noted below TSC has worked with TSTC before to bring their programs to TSC.  Trolls and maybe one or two elected officials turning this into a turf war is helping no one.

McHale in a state of paranoia rage and the SAP/IMP completely misrepresent John Sharp's words.  It was a statement of reconciliation - meaning the original deal was dead.  He very carefully qualifies in his statement there will be no deal with TSTC only.  He does not say there will be no deal.

As noted below and told to me by Dr. Tony Zavaleta TSC has a good working relationship already with Texas A & M.

But trolls are miserable people and just need to make trouble.

This morning the SAP/IMP post a series of emails which were generated after the deal fell apart.  The SAP/IMP would have you believe they were generated before the deal fell apart.  The matter was tabled on July 24, 2019.  Nearly all of the emails were generated after that date.

Of note the SAP/IMP posted an email dated July 8, 2019, referring the event which happened on July 24, 2019.  The SAP was either played again or altered the document.  The primaries are not happy.  The primaries seem to all agree Mike Hernandez had one of his people send the information to the SAP because they knew he is a troll and would play along.  How can Norman Garza of Texas A & M send an email on July 8, 2019, referencing something which did not even happen until July 24th?

Further Mayor Mendez was not sworn in until July 2nd.  He could not have been involved as mayor in any failures.  His public statements have been clear he sees this as a county issue and favors both TSTC and TSC being part of this.


I have said this before.  "Big Brother" teaches us alliances only last long enough for each player to move forward.  I can tell you alliances are fracturing.  Texas A & M is working with those who envision TSC and TSTC working with them and the BND.

TSC has a ton of space.  That space is now on the table as far as A & M knows.  It is not clear if the Port ever inquired about space at TSC.

At this point if this falls apart, it is because the primaries are not making it clear this deal is not possible so long as Mike Hernandez's people are sending misleading information to the SAP/IMP

Some years ago TSC invited TSCT to set up a drafting program at ITEC.  They have worked together before.  There is no problem with the two.  The program failed because of a lack of enrollment.  But I can assure my readers TSC is 100% on board with a TSTC and Texas A & M.  Dr. Tony Zavaleta made clear TSC is ready to work with everyone and has an open door.  There is no reason why both colleges cannot share in different training programs based on their respective strengths.  Unfortunately, Mike Hernandez had to settle a score with TSC and made a complete mess of this.  He is now out of it.

Also I can say Texas A & M approached the BND.  This is how Mike Hernandez messed this entire thing up.  Texas A & M was biased against TSC from day one, based on disinformation.  That problem is now fixed. If you want the truth, the money issue was never worked out.

TSC has more than enough space and according to Dr. Zavaleta can be up and running in a few months.  My sources are telling me Texas A & M know this.

Texas A & M already has a good working relationship with TSC.  They already have the engineering program, and came in to help TSC fix its nursing program which it lost.  So any claims TSC and A & M are not working well together is false and ignores the facts.

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