Friday, August 9, 2019


Blogging will not be full time.  To get work done I have to take mega dosages of Ibuprofen for the headaches.  I am officially anemic.  The Ibuprofen is not working well and only increases the anemia.  I call the surgeon on the 21st with a status.  If things are still bad a decision will be made if it is time to say the shunt failed and the surgery needs to be redone.  The setting cannot be verified.  It is that simple.

Lily Tercero dropped the ball on the nursing program and that was in part a basis for just cause to fire her.  Jesus Rodriguez dropped the ball on working with Texas A & M, and the BND, and the trustees are all protecting him.  I will work to replace every sitting trustee.  A quality community college is too important to our community for people who care to remain silent.  We fought to keep TSC, and now we need to fight for a competent board and president if we truly care about TSC.


Long since before anyone heard of Mike Hernandez, or A & M taking an interest in the area I have been pushing for expanded job training.  For 14 years all the trustees had to offer me was an excerpt from their book of excuses.


This notion Texas A & M and the BND are going to build a world class workforce training center is a farce.  Nearly, every prospective new tenant has either fallen through or is demanding millions in assistance in various forms.  The money does not exist.  Mike Hernandez took Sharp as a fool and Sharp will soon learn his lesson.

Will someone please tell me the name of one company which has broken ground at the port in need of these unknown jobs?  It is all a farce at the expense of the taxpayers.  This is another bridge to nowhere which has needlessly divided the community.

One one side you had Mike Hernandez and Rita Hernandez feeding the lies and his vindictive ways, [I am not impressed such as other bloggers with shiny objects.  I look at the entire story, not just the shiny objects.  I know a con and a ruse when I see one] and the other side you had Tony Zavaleta feeding McHale nonsense and Adela Garza demanding control.  Between the total lack of leadership on both sides we ended up with a mess.  A mess which has now made Mayor Mendez potentially a lame duck mayor now that John Cowen is taking orders from Mike Hernandez.

More on John below.


Elsewhere in the state the Texas Workforce Commission provides this training for free.  It is not offered in Brownsville.  We have no elected officials willing to call them out for their refusal to provide the same services in Brownsville as they provide elsewhere in the state.

Companies all over the area, including the at the port, are hiring OSHA certified forklift operators.  We have no training in the area.  A handful of companies will train their new employees and get them the OSHA certification.  But most companies want the certificate before you can even get an interview.


There is no will.  They sit and wait for someone to hand them the money.  They are unwilling to hire grant writers who understand these issues or the political process.  They just wait for handouts and then whine when they are not included.

TSC has the space for this training.  It is a short course which will give good job opportunities to a lot of people.  TSC will not do it unless someone does it for them.  Our community needs a good community college.  This is not possible with an inept Board of Trustees.  The only thing keeping TSC from aligning with the Texas Workforce Commission to make this happen is a lack of will.

Along with the OSHA certification some people will need financial aid to secure the security clearance to work within the port.  They ask for it on the application.  How can TSC ever have a first class workforce center when its leaders know nothing about the needs of the community.


Classic excuse for everything Tony Zavaleta.  I have spoken to this issue before.  The GED is a dinosaur keeping qualified people from getting good jobs they are more than qualified for.

I have suggested that people be allowed to substitute the remedial courses at TSC for the GED.  I discussed this with Tony.  He took out his excuse book and said it is a state issue.  No moron, it is a TSC issue.  It is for the TSC Board of Trustees to push for it.  It will increase TSC's enrollment.  It will solve unemployment for many people. The legislature relies on the community colleges to inform them of their needs and community problems.  This basic 101 political process is lost on Tony Zavaleta.  He will just sit and wait for someone else to do it.

TSC cannot continue to refuse to be proactive and then whine when it is left out.  Time to replace Jesus Rodriguez as TSC's president, and every Board Member.


The needs of Brownsville are greater than mere jobs.  It is about jobs with living wages and benefits.  You know Phil Cowen did a great post about privilege.  But he noted how for him the privilege came from being raised by a mother after his father died and the lessons which come from that.  I related because his father died a year after mine, and his mother took the same path as mine and going out to get educated.  

But Phil failed in trying to paint this privilege as something his nephew understood.  John Cowen is everything which made life miserable for Phil's mother.   Not all children who go through what Phil and I went through get it or respect the lesson.  Certainly the children which follow do not get it.  I would say 50% of fewer of my nieces and nephews get it. 

In one case when a niece attacked immigrants like my mother and blamed the Latino community for her mother's cancer, a lot of the family walked away from her.  She is like her racist late father.  She denies she is anything but 100% Irish.  Here English and Nicaraguan blood which includes an indigenous bloodline far exceeds her Irish bloodline.  In fact her Irish bloodline includes black Irish which means Spaniard.  

My point is, Phil made excuses for his worthless nephew by shamelessly invoking his mother's incredible journey of strength which made her children successful.

John's business relies on employment agencies for workers.  This means no benefits for the workers and they technically do not work for his company.  This is not the business model which brings good quality jobs to Brownsville.  The people of Brownsville deserve jobs with health insurance, vacation, sick days, and retirement.  This will not happen so long as John Cowen is allowed to push his business model on the community.

John Cowen is the face of white privilege.  


This was noted by someone on McHale's FB page.  McHale has me blocked but I just use a friend's FB to look at his.  


Keeping the name of Fronton street should have been an innocuous vote.  John did not vote to keep the white privilege name of McNair.  He voted to send a message to Mike Hernandez he will be a reliable vote.  Trey Mendez is now effectively a lame duck mayor.  As the poster noted on McHale's page the last two votes actually cast by Rose Gowen were with Mike Hernandez.  Rose will sell herself to anyone who will promise a majority for more trails.  I support the trails, but not dirty politics.

If you remember as an employee of UT she voted to give Lincoln Park to UT.  I discovered this through a source and gave it to Mike Cowen which he added to the lawsuit at the last minute.  Rose did not get away with it.  She sold herself to Tony Martinez for the trails and got caught.  She has now sold herself to Mike Hernandez and will get her trails.


It is understood Mike now controls the BND.  John needs to have influence to insure he can make money on his land.  The Fronton vote should have been a simple 6-0 vote.  The mayor only votes in the event of a tie.  The complaints about Mayor Mendez not voting on Fronton street reflects people's ignorance.  All it would have done is create a tie vote which would have meant the same result.

Like I said such as in "Big Brother" and "Survivor"  an alliance is only as good as the next vote.

Mike Hernandez with John Cowen and Rose Gowen now has the 4 votes he needs to control the Brownsville City Commission.  If John Cowen does not play Mike Hernandez will hurt him in terms of his land around the port. Rose Gowen is for sale to anyone who will give her what she wants, even if the city cannot afford it.

The BV was the first to report the fracture on the Brownsville City Commission, and we saw that in John Cowen's vote.  John did not care about the Fronton street issue. All he cared about was sending a message to Mike Hernandez that he is willing to play at Mayor Mendez's expense, while telling Brownsville to take it up the ass.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't have to be a tie for the mayor to vote. He can even make motions and second motions and vote on any matter. Tony use to hide behind that misconception. Check the Charter.

BobbyWC said...

I did not say he could not vote, I said his vote would have changed nothing. Also I never said he was following a rule. It is believed in order to be able to maintain order on a city commission it is better for the mayor not to vote unless needed to break a tie. We have a weak mayor system, but that does not mean the mayor should vote just to show force when his vote is not needed. He is still the one most likely to lead the commission.

BobbyWC said...

I will never die. I have to many people to still piss off. Activism is the best medicine. It drives you through the worse of times. It gives you purpose. Something miserable people can never understand

Bobby WC