Monday, August 12, 2019


Of note tonight Showtime starts a new series which ties into Japanese internment camps.

Rose Blanche chronicles through the eyes of a little German girl the trauma of watching her Jewish friends being taken away by the Nazis.  I lent my personal copy to Bela in the early Summer, and I can assure you she understands how wrong what is happening to the immigrants really is.

I explained to her the book was historical fiction but by middle school she will be reading about what really happened during WWII.  She is going into 4th grade and is reading at a 5th grade level.  Hopefully by January she will be ready to start reading Mildred Taylor's books.  She is to read two extra books a week over what ever she does in school.  In time as the books get thicker it will be one.  She has been doing 4th grade math all Summer.  She is so ready for school.

At the library a couple of weeks ago I taught her about the solar system and universe.  She did not want to leave.  I've been meaning search out children's books on space.  She is  fully prepped for 4th grade science and for several weeks we have been working on 5th grade science.  She will learn it all again, but the second time will be a lot easier.

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