Friday, August 2, 2019


After my MRI my shunt valve needed to be reset.  This is a life time issue.  I have a laminated card in my wallet with all of the essential information.  It was by chance on July 22nd I had a final follow-up on how the shunt was working.  By chance I mean I had the MRI on my shoulder which showed the torn rotator cuff on June 19th. I see the surgeon today.

Everything was finally properly adjusted.  So my brain surgeon was simply resetting the value to the last setting so as not to upset anything.  When I left he told me he set it to 200, and that I needed a long term referral to a brain surgeon here so in the future he or she could reset the valve after any future MRI.  The number meant nothing to me until the headaches came back with a vengeance. You see there is a two week period for a complete change in the pressure after each adjustment.  After an MRI the protocol is to reset the value within 7 days.

After a few days of playing 50 questions with my surgeon's nurse and her refusing me an appointment I forced the question.  Yes she messed up.  The setting which had everything under control was 90.  My doctor was given the wrong information and he reset it to the maximum opening of 200. My ventricles are over draining which is dangerous.  They can actually collapse. 

So late yesterday once I had all of the pieces together I gave her an ultimatum to get me in next week.  She has ignored me before with the surgeon having to step in.  This was a major mistake.  If by 11 I do not have an appointment for next week I will go through his secretary.

I am also asking the VA to expedite the assignment of the local surgeon who will do all future adjustments after any MRI.

I know my doctor.  If he is told the truth he will see me on Monday between surgeries.  I have lost many good specialists because of their staff.  This is sad when amazing doctors lose patients because of their staff.


Sam is a pure joy and has brought life back to the house.  A house without a dog is simply empty.  At night I put him in bed with me for about 30 minutes.  He is mostly okay wanting to wrestle or be rubbed on his belly.  Eventually the nibbling gets out of control and he has to get down.  The key is making him tired.  Today I will try the rawhide chew bones to see if it helps with this training.

Only my roommate has walked him so far.  So this morning, after he woke me at 6:15 to go out - awesome eh?, I decided about 7 to take him for a walk.  With coffee in one hand and Sam's leash in the other we were off.  He did not want to go.  We get outside and he keeps on walking circles around me.  He was nervous.  We went a few blocks and turned around.  At that point he was pulling me back to the house.  He knew our street and turned. He pulled real hard to get to the garage to get into the house.  He will get use to it.  I need to tire him out as part of the nippling problem.  At this time he is next to my chair just sitting.  Good Sam.

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