Thursday, August 15, 2019


"In its effort to transform itself, Penney said on Thursday that it would partner with resale marketplace ThredUp Inc. to sell second-hand clothing and accessories in 30 of its stores. Macy’s announced a similar partnership with ThredUp on Wednesday."


Last week JCP was put on notice it will be delisted from the stock exchange in 6 months if it cannot sustain a stock value over $1.00.  They are approaching a month trading under a dollar.  Right now it is trading at 61 cents.

A ropa usada store in the mall is not a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Innovative. At least they are going down fighting. A well designed and classy used goods store is not a bad thing though it may not meet your high standards. If it doesn't, don' go there.

BobbyWC said...

Actually me ex sends me some nice clothes from the high end used clothes store in Dallas. They are a good deal. My issue is, when a major department store has to turn to high end used clothes it is not a good sign. Brownsville actually has one, but the quality of the clothes in not the same as in Dallas. A few months ago I got a $3000 suit in Dallas for $200.00 I chanced it without trying it on solely based on size since I was not in Dallas. A tailor I like downtown made adjustments and I am happy with the suit.

Nothing wrong with good deals on used clothes. It is just not a good sign when a major retailer has to seek out used clothes so they can sell affordable clothes. Now part of this is on Trump, because of the Chinese tarrifs. They hit JCP hard

Bobby WC