Sunday, August 4, 2019


A few words on my status and then a short post on the BND MOU.

My cerebral fluid is draining at twice the equilibrium rate.  It has been over two weeks.  I am just getting up.  I tried this morning and fell back into bed.  My vision is destroyed.  I am using a magnified glass to type.

At some point the ventricle sacs collapse and the brain hemorrhages.  Once I am well I will have my doctor's nurse's license.  I have all my secure messages from her.  She is a royal bitch who does not care if she kills my doctors patients.  Last time I had to go around her while she denied me access to the doctor.  She has me blocked and the doctor has no idea what is happening.  She missed informed him my equilibrium level has a setting of 90, and instead told him 200.  I have her words all documented and her refusal to allow me to see the doctor.

If the VA does not have me assigned to a local surgeon by 11 a.m. in the morning I will be taken to Valley Regional.  Valley Baptist is where you go to die. 

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