Thursday, August 15, 2019


He is already lining up endorsements (story broken by Montoya).  No matter what McHale says Alex Dominguez and Eddie Lucio III have not announced what position they are running for.  Ruben Cortez throwing his hat into the Senate Race is why people are still sitting on the fence.

While I believe Alex would make a great state Senator, Cortez already has a well established electorate backing him through his SBOE position.  Alex will have a lot of catching up to do.  Eddie Lucio III will have the name recognition and his father's backing.

Alex just needs to bite the bullet and announce for State Rep.  If Beto decides to run against Senator John Cornyn, models are already showing a pathway for the Democrats to take back the State House.  Alex Dominguez could prove himself a powerhouse in the Texas House.  This could eventually lead to a run for the U.S. House.  Support for Vela is soft.  In fact it is mostly just anti-Republican.  A proven Democrat could beat Vela in 2022.

Sara Stapleton Barerra will certainly get the blind female vote, but Ruben Cortez already is established in the entire district with a proven track record, and Eddie Lucio III will carry his family machine including women.  Cortez will also carry a large part of the informed female vote.  His popularity on the SBOE is strong enough that Sara will only hurt herself by attacking Ruben.  You can bet the farm McHale will lodge a strong attack and all it will do is make Sara look desperate.

Look people Sara did not announce because she believed she would be running against Eddie Lucio Jr.  Ruben Cortez just knocked her into 3rd place.  

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