Tuesday, August 13, 2019


I have three national reporters interested in this issue of Texas first with UT and now A & M, having Brownsville fund the building of their facilities.  They see the racism in the policy.  The reporters want the letter along with the other information I have sent them.  

A national article humiliating A & M will end Sharp's career as Chancellor and may get TSC the money they need to move forward.  But I need the letter.



Anonymous said...

Yes, we will all benefit from humiliating A&M. Burning down the university is much better then dealing with the issue alone.

BobbyWC said...

Fair comment, but they are the ones doing the burning. I tired of UT and A & M , demanding we as locals fund their schools. That is my issue. TSTC may be the best at job training - I am okay with that. I am not okay with limited taxpayer money being used to build a facility under the control of A & M, and TSTC.

TSC has all the space ready to go. Other than the vindictive prick Mike Hernandez playing games there is no reason at all to not build the facility at TSC where the space is ready to go. TSCT and A & M can still run the program.

I am not okay with our area having to fund state facilities like TSTC and A & M. This is the news media's interest. Why us while else where in the state communities are not asked to fund these projects.

Wasting our tax dollars to build a facility when ample space is aready ready to go at TSC just out of spite is a complete waste of taxpayer money and evidence of just how vindictive Mike Hernandez can be. If it takes humiliating Sharp to understand how he is being played so be it.

Nothing in his letter explains why the TSC space is not ok.

Bobby WC