Monday, August 5, 2019


My status:  I am being transported to San Antonio in the morning.


My position remains the same TSC had just cause to fire Lily Tercero.  But there is also no doubt in my mind TSC has just cause to fire its current president Jesus Rodriguez.

Under both, TSC moved forward.  But that is not the issue.  The issue did they make mistakes which justify their discharge.  The answer is yes.

For 14 years I have been arguing for workforce training.  Every TSC trustee I have discussed it with for 14 years told me the same, other priorities and no money.  TSC surrendered the issue and got what it deserves.  They failed the people, and now whine.

Competent attorneys can stop this, but there is no will among the TSC supporters to help.  Someone might want to read the law creating the BND, and TSTC, and operating procedures under those laws.  They night learn something.

The BV will no longer accept tips or information from elected officials or their supporters.  They are cowards using the blogs to fight their battles.  This is why Brownsville is so weak, because when it comes to a field fight the elected officials unless dragged into the field publicly use surrogates to fight their battles.

My trusted sources put incompetence and mismanagement by Jesus Rodriguez, Adela Garza and Tony Zavaleta for the BND mess.  Adela had to be told to butt out by key supporters of TSC.  Jesus Rodriguez just dropped the ball, and then took orders from Adela Garza instead of showing even a modicum of leadership.

Tony Zavaleta fed the frenzy by feeding McHale garbage because he knew McHale would blow this up.  It backfired and now TSC has nothing.  Once Tony was taken to task by other public officials in private he changed is public position to wanting to work with TSTC.  It was too late.

I remain adamant that TSC has the space and was the best option for getting the workforce training center up and running as fast as possible.  Now the BND will waste taxpayers money on building that which is already built for no better than reason than short sightedness.

This was such a simple matter.  But ego and politics from all sides destroyed the deal.  It is not a done deal.  Exactly what jobs based on new jobs at the port are they going to train for?  All new jobs are speculation.  To get the jobs the taxpayers will have to deal out millions.  For now the Port is ready to vote to keep the taxes the same.

This was a major misstep by Jesus Rodriguez.  He will not be fired because is remains Adela Garza's boy.  Lily Tercero was not fired for just cause, although it was there, it was because Adela could not control her.  Just cause exists to fire Jesus Rodriguez but he will not be fired because he remains Adela's puppet.

They call it karma.  Karma showed its ugly face over the back door deal to appoint Mrs. Saenz.  I have reported this in the past.  I was in a doctor's office when Mrs. Saenz was using the force of the DA's office to coerce the person on the other side of the line.  We are screwed. 

I suspect after my last couple of posts no elected official will share anything with me.  This gives me even more freedom to execute on no sacred cows.

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