Monday, August 26, 2019


Zero reality to any of the following words from the troll.  He makes it way too easy to show just how incompetent he really is, and why he is a failed journalist.

" BISD is scheduled to Vote in an MOU with TSC. Why was the agenda written so vaguely? What’s it for? And NOTHING is ever at no cost to the district. Heck, even writing the agenda item had a cost! Rumor has it they want to use BISD buildings for something?Could it be for workforce training? If so- there is always a cost!

Does this mean any school can use BISD now? Once you let one in…will the policy regarding building-use fee be waived?"

The history of the MOU and its purpose is all spelled out right in the agenda. The problem is the troll lacks minimum research skills.  It took me less then a minute to find it.  Just click  Now rather than admit he made the entire story up, he will go on Montoya's page with the same moronic childish comments.  He no longer posts at the BV because his IP address is blocked and any posts are automatically deleted.  I have now taken this action with two trolls.

The idea BISD would lend out space to TSC shows just how little the troll knows.  My source is telling me the old JCP space at ITEC is larger than the space at the mall.  A former employee told me it was like the current JCP and Academy combined.  TSC has plenty of space and needs to look no where for space.  The entire story is just a troll trying to cause confusion and problems.

This has nothing to do with space and is nothing more than adjusting a bookkeeping problem.  But why let facts get in the way of troll central intelligence?

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