Monday, August 19, 2019


The city has some good commissioners, some good administrators. and a good city manager. But the magic number of 4 to move the city forward does not exist.

I will not be covering the city commission meeting.  But here is some information for you.

You can watch the meeting from your computer at  Once the meeting starts just click on the YouTube link.  Or I believe for cable it is on 1300.


In spite of horrible governance at all levels in Brownsville and Cameron county, Brownsville will move forward.  We have too many assets.  The number one asset being its people.  I am sending three people to San Antonio for OSHA forklift certification.  They have agreed to reimburse me once they get a job.  I will then use that money to send three more.  Three people is not a lot.  But it is still three people who will be able to get good paying jobs instead of relying on public assistance.

It is time we the people start the workforce training where the needs are.  In the matter of two weeks three people will be certified by OSHA as forklift drivers.  

I have to ask why have Eddie Lucio Jr, Eddie Lucio III, and Alex Dominguez not demanded that the Texas Workforce Commission offer the same forklift training in Brownsville they offer elsewhere in the state.


A lot of these non-existent jobs training is being promised for, cannot be filled by many of our average Joes.  Brownsville is a major center of warehousing and distribution.  Forklift certification and training is not a big deal.  It gives opportunity to the average Joes.  Also we have to address the GED problem.  We have far too many highly qualified people unable to find work because they cannot pass the GED.  The GED is an archaic remedy which not only does not serve the people or businesses. it holds us back.

The people can do that which our elected officials refuse.  Provide training to average Joes who cannot get training otherwise.  The local distribution companies need to hire non-certified people.  They know as well as I do their lead forklift driver can be certified by OSHA to train the new hires to get their OSHA certification.  It is sad when millionaires cannot invest a nickle of their own money to train new hires.

The governmental sector has failed us.  There are a lot of great people in Brownsville who can step up to the plate and do the job our elected officials claim they cannot do.

TSC claims to have new job training in the process.  I can find the claim, but nothing specific on the training.


Where else in Texas could such a wealthy university system demand the local taxpayer pay to build their facility.  Our Port Commissioners have us begging for scraps from A & M.  A & M uses the excuse since they do not own any land at the port they cannot pay for the workforce training center.

Here is an idea, how about A & M use their money to buy the land, such as other industries are doing and then they will be able to pay to build the workforce training center.  While I think it remains a waste of money when the space is already available at TSC, It is never-no-mind to me if A & M pays for everything, and it is at the port, because in the end the center is in Brownsville.

I wish I could do photo shop.  I would love a pic of the BND commissioners auctioning off the people of Brownsville to the highest bidder.  Because that is exactly what is happening.  If you think A & M could pull this stunt in an Anglo community you are delusional.  This is an outright raping of Brownsville because we are Latino.


Anonymous said...

"I have to ask why have Eddie Lucio Jr, Eddie Lucio III, and Alex Dominguez not demanded that the Texas Workforce Commission offer the same forklift training in Brownsville they offer elsewhere in the state."

The question is: Who are you asking? Are you asking the Lucio's and Alex? If you are, have you contacted their offices? Perhaps, the answer is: Who are the companies that are in need of forklift operators in the Brownsville area? Have they asked the workforce to provide training and certifications for possible forklift operators.

Don't get me wrong, I agree that the community would benefit for such training and other trainings of our workforce. However, is your cry for such action by our community leaders going to deaf ears? Sometimes just saying what is needed is not enough.

BobbyWC said...

I can assure you they know. Sometimes until they are pressured they will not act. And you raise a question. Do our elected leaders even investigate the needs of the community? Nope, they do not. They each have the own cubbyhole they live in. None of them live in the trenches working with the average Joes. They are clueless. This is why TSC cannot develop a game plan on real immediate needs. They have no one on staff capable of determining the needs. I follow numerous employment agency ads and see all of the job openings. This is how I know what the needs are. Distribution is in big demand. How is it none of our elected officials can compile the same data I see every day. I get at least 20 emails a day from various employment services. I am always looking for jobs for different people. When I see one, I have their resume in my system. I call them they give the ok, and I do the application on line for them. But the fact our elected officials have no idea what the needs are should tell you they are not in the trenches with the people. I live in the trenches with the people.

I cannot do everything. I can report on what I learn. I can help those I can help. I get paid nothing while our elected officials seem to find ways to make money on elective office

Bobby WC.