Monday, August 12, 2019


Fiscal responsibility and honest governance is not something you will find in Brownsville or Cameron county.  The $200 I spent on school supplies for three children does not bother me.  The teachers are not getting everything on their list.

Teachers do not vote  as they should and then whine when they denied the supplies they need for their classroom.  When teachers learn to vote maybe I will then begin to care.

As to actual school supplies the kids got everything.  They will not be bringing 4 boxes of pencils or three boxes of crayons to school on day one.  The mother has the extra and as needed will be sent to school.  

I get some parents by choice and others because of a lack of funding, do not send their kids to school with supplies.  I do not get how BISD has millions for back door deals and lawsuits, but nothing to help the children in need.  I helped three kids.  I should not be forced to help even more.  If everyone who can were to help just two kids the costs would come down big time.


The parents and I agreed - no more.

It is an indictment on the entire BISD Board of Trustees that parents have to send hand soap for the children to use in the in classroom bathrooms.  When a teacher asks for three hand soaps and 4 hand sanitizers, my answer is HELL no.  The children are being sent with one each.  If during the school year they complain they have no hand soap it will be bought.

4 rolls of paper towels is not going to happen.  It should be on  the wasteful Trustees to be providing classroom supplies instead of using the money on wasteful projects and the needless lawsuits which come about by the backdoor deals.


TSC lucked out on the Lily Tercero case.  Only the BV reported on that outcome months in advance.  The COB will lose the GMS lawsuit.  It is your tax dollars so the majority of the city commission does not care.  GMS can be settled tomorrow, but it will not because the insight to the problem is just not there and too many commissioners are involved in backdoor deals.  

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