Thursday, August 29, 2019


Not sure because some of the law which goes into effect January 1, 2020, already exists.  For example 5% of all prize moey is taxed.  This is already happening.

The law has new provisions, but separating out the new from the old is not easy.  What may or may not be new is if by November 2019, the city opts for 50% of the taxed  revenues, then they must be paid to the city with the balance going to the commission.

This may already be happening, and may account for why the police do nothing about illegal Bingo parlors in Brownsville.  I have more on this in another story.  But I will say this, the owner of International Bingo lost his license which is issued by the Texas Lottery Commission.  Eddie Lucio intervened and the Commission reinstated his license.  When caught selling beer without a license they only received a warning even though it resulted in a drunk minor causing an accident.  The minor was not charged and the police did nothing.  Eddie Lucio again was involved.

But still more on International Bingo in another post.  It is a plight on Brownsville and needs to be looked at very closely.  Our city leaders needs to call in the Texas Lottery Commission.  They are as bad as the 8 liners.  I will stand on my story because I would love to get them into court on a defamation suit so we can pull out the truth.

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