Sunday, July 21, 2019


Simply put, generalities.   I am writing this piece because I can hear it now from the trolls, see everything is going to stay the same.  Well no it is not.  With this new city commission you do not have the type people who just act and then worry about the consequences later.  

The mayor and city commissioners are slowly going through the process to gather the necessary information and in some cases evidence before they act.

Yes, GBIC is a big deal.  Things will change.  But it takes time. Both of the new GBIC Board Members are successful businessmen, and well regarded.  They will help the city commission get to the truth. 

Tenaska is on the table and the rate increases.  But so too is reality.  If you lower the BPUB's revenues, you lower how much they give the city, which in turns means less revenue for the city, or higher taxes.  There will need to be a balancing act.  But they will get there.  They cannot just act on the Tenaska money without insuring they are acting fully within the law, and the terms of the contract with Tenaska.

While there may be some specifics, I think mostly what people will hear today is things are being worked on.  The city commission has a good relationship with the new city manager.  Finally time is needed to make changes.  

The agenda for the next city commission meeting is being constructed.  That is when we will see the evidence of the first changes

If you want to see evidence of real change, look at the education requirements the city is imposing on the top jobs.  Everything is a step at a time.  Imagine an engineer for Public Works

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